Cooperation Agreement between Sejel Uninorte and will contribute to development of local sport

The two institutions have joined in support of local sports.
26/08/2016 14h25 - Updated 26/08/2016 14h25
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Joining business with pleasure. So it can be characterized the technical cooperation agreement that the Secretary of State for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel) and the North University Center (Uninorte) sealed in favor of local sports. This because, while the public entity will offer ballpark and 'human material', athletes; the private company will provide some benefits that enhance the performance and collaborate with the development of those who battle daily by the top of the podium, independent mode.

The three signed actions constitute a donation of R $ 8 thousand monthly in sporting goods and expedient, the supply of equipment for the academy Olympic Village, located in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Central-West, and the help of the students of the Health and Physical Education courses, along with their preceptors, training and treatment of local athletes.

The counterpart of Sejel will enable the sports venues owned by the Government of Amazonas, as the Olympic Village and its sports areas, Amadeu Teixeira Arena and Coexistence State Centers of Family and Elderly – for scholars of Uninorte. Thus, We can students constitute experience in loco.

"The agreement comprises a cooperation and exchange program, for training purposes, capacity, training of human resources and institutional development of both parties, always aiming to improve the sport. All this will be a two-contribution. Athletes for academics and academics for athletes ", said Marcelo Jose Fructuoso, that Uninorte.

For the holder of Sejel, Fabricio Lima, the agreement makes reference regarding the joint action of a public body to a private, proving that the partnership between them should happen and are beneficial to both society and all. investment, this feeling, It is synonymous with improvement and social consciousness.

"This agreement will be a jump to the quality of life of our athletes and are sure we will have good human material and technical. Besides that, after this exchange, will be delivered to Uninorte, the society, Health professionals and Physical Education with technical and scientific training of excellence, acquired through theoretical and practical classes held in locations with adequate infrastructure ", he said Lima.

All sports will benefit
Also according to the Secretary, all individual and team sports will benefit through the professionals of the following areas: biomedicine, biological Sciences, Nursing, Drugstore, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition, Dentistry, Psychology, Social service, and Physical Education. That is, a true multidisciplinary team available to athletes.

The care of athletes will take place through a database (must complete RG, CPF, UF, age, phone and address) which may be held in the Olympic Village of Manaus, from September 1, from 9h to 17h, from Monday to Friday. "We will hold this record of athletes, they need, for example, a service of psychology course, and this service will be carried out according to a previously scheduled programming. The offer is free and you only need to provide the necessary information ", said one of the coordinators of the program Sejel, Adérito Junior, celebrating the conquest.

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