Now it's for real: Omar Aziz announces PSD break with the PSDB Arthur Neto

Omar disse que não tem como firmar aliança com que não tem ‘afinidade’, referring to Eduardo Braga.
03/08/2016 10h51 - Updated 3/08/2016 17h22
Photo: Tácio Melo/Semcom

After disclosure of possible alliance between the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) and former governor and current senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB), Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) He announced early on Wednesday (3), in an interview with Radio Tiradentes, the end of the alliance between the PSD and the PSDB, which means that the Omar group will no longer support Arthur for re-election.

“This is an alliance that is totally ruled out, because as I was surprised, manauara the company was also surprised by these agreements and that kind of conversations that I do not like. If you do this to me, imagine with others”, Omar said after explaining that hidden conversations not pleased not to be his political profile and also said that the City is not only the 'ICU’ thanks to the efforts of his political group, which enabled loans to Manaus, charging the bill the support it gave Arthur.

Omar has two days to set the political course of the PSD. According to the electoral calendar, day 5 August is the deadline for the achievement of caucuses and choice of candidates for mayor, the deputy mayor and councilor. The senator did not mention the alternatives that have, and said only that soon announce the candidate should support in the elections this year. “It's something that we will also consider. It's not a decision I'll take alone. Who know me closely, You know I'm not going to adventure. These projects and political processes. I really hope to do the best for the city of Manaus”, said.

The possibility of an alliance between Arthur and Braga and the name of Mark Rotta for vice mayor of the current generated cracks and confirmation of political separation. Omar was categorical in stating that the alliance is ruled out. He did not use the term 'break', but made it clear that it is impossible to enter into alliance with those who have no affinity, referring to Eduardo Braga.

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