ALE-AM not delayed salaries servers, says President Joshua Neto

A is R $ 4 million in monthly payment has only affected the payment of suppliers.
18/08/2016 11h22 - Updated 18/08/2016 16h05
Photo: Press Release / ALE-AM

The president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), Mr Joshua Neto (PSD) He said on Thursday (18), the rostrum of Parliament, that there was no delay in the payment of wages servers. According to him, honor the payroll has been a priority for the House, and so the funds in the amount of R $ 7,5 million that the EFA will receive in the coming days will be used to start paying the 13th salary of servers.

The declaration, was a response to criticism by Mrs Alessandra Campelo (PMDB), He said that days before that part of salaries of servers were delayed.

Second or president, ALE has faced difficulties in its budget, with the fall in the pass before, in 2014, It was about R $ 21 million per month, and this year increased to R $ 16 millions. A low of R $ 4 millions, a R$ 5 million per month. But he explained that the administrative measures taken to reduce costs has allowed the faithful payment “the salary of citizens and parents of families who depend on these resources”.

“To honor the payment of our servers has been our top priority. We have received an average of 16,5 million every month. And primarily pay the salary of the employees of this house. We not delayed or one day the payment of the servers this year ", said.

second Joshua, there is delay in payment of goods and services providers, for at least one month. “This is not a management problem, administration, is a problem that states, prefectures, and public agencies across the country are going”, completed.

The president said that two funds transfers to be made to ALE in the coming days to help balance the books. One is part of the royalties that the state will receive due to the oil and gas resources in the Basin of Urucu, in Coari (a 362 KM Manaus), no amount of R $ 7,5 millions. According to him, 100% this amount will be used to pay the salaries of 13 ALE servers. A second pass, no amount of R $ 5 millions, will come from the State Court of Auditors (TCE). According to the president the funds will be used to pay providers of goods and services, remedy debts, and close the year with the balanced Parliament's accounts.

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