Rousseff's allies already admitted impeachment before result

Vanessa Grazziotin, for example, He conceded defeat in advance, and mourned, returning to classify the process as blow.
31/08/2016 14h05 - Updated 31/08/2016 14h10
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First to forward the vote, the side of the prosecution, senator Ana Amélia (PP-RS) He praised the work of the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, in charge of the trial that runs from the last Thursday (25) and he said that the process comes to an end showing that the constitution was respected throughout the processing. The Gaucho defended the impeachment of Rousseff and said the trial showed that the Brazilian system needs to be changed.

"Society has changed and made political act and work differently”, said. The society was empowered by social networks and we can not ignore this fact ", said. according to her, the country is "the new hope of a new Brazil and a more transparent and accountable system", completed.

Dividing the time five minutes with PT Lindbergh Farias (RJ), Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM) He conceded defeat in advance, and mourned, returning to classify the process as a blow to "revoke an innocent president". "Here there is no hypocritical or naive to know that she committed no crime. Without crime, this is not impeachment, this is scam, not against Dilma, but against the Brazilian people. [Or interim president Michel] Temer has no legitimacy to rule this country ", said.

Lindbergh Farias, visibly moved, He said he felt "deep indignation" with the judgment which he defined as "farce, hoax hoax ". according Lindbergh, the process was taken by pretexts and evidence are irrelevant. "There are two kinds of senators here: those who know that there was no crime and vote against impeachment and also know that there was no crime and vote, even so, a favor do impeachment”, said. In quoting the statements of Tancredo Neves in the session that overthrew João Goulart, Senator repeated: "scoundrels! scoundrels! scoundrels!”, and he added that this session was canceled by history.

No counter-attack, Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO) He said that "the real scoundrels of Brazilian politics are those who attacked Petrobras, those who took the money so that citizens had no health care, the left that 12 million Brazilians unemployed, who led Brazil to a critical situation ", said.

according to Caiado, the process left some lessons and the first is that a president must respect the budget and "do not treat it as a piece of fiction. Not advance the public money to populism, demagogy and irresponsibility that led Brazil to the chaotic situation in which it is. We are living a new moment, power practice most aseptic the Brazilian policy to take all contaminated fabric of national policy. For the revival of good policy ", said.

Source: Agency Brazil

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