Alliance between the PSDB and the PMDB must be blessed by Temer also on Wednesday(3) in Brasilia

Mark Rotta will be present to officiate the invitation to be vice in Arthur Neto plate.
03/08/2016 18h04 - Updated 3/08/2016 20h24
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Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) and interim president Michel Temer or (PMDB) They are with appointment for the late afternoon of Wednesday(03), in Brasilia, where the president will bless the alliance between the PSDB and PMDB parties for the elections this year.

On the occasion will also be present Congressman Mark Rotta (PMDB) you should accept the invitation to be the running mate Artur Neto plate.

After disclosure of possible alliance between Arthur and Eduardo Braga (PMDB), Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) He announced early on Wednesday (3), in an interview with Radio Tiradentes, the end of the alliance between the PSD and the PSDB.

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