High rejection and alliance with Braga can sink the boat Arthur

Rejection of voters against Arthur's reelection was already 22,9% before the alliance with Braga.
08/08/2016 19h25 - Updated 8/08/2016 19h26
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Of course there is at least one month no one predicted the current political scenario after so many twists that did justice to the popular saying that politics “ox flies”. To tell the truth so far has a galley that still did not understand what gave the head of Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) to ally his archenemy Senator Eduardo Braga (PMDB) who both spoke badly the last three years claiming that was the politician who more harmed during this period.

And more, ally to Braga days after Omar Aziz senator PSD announce support your application with all the letters, speeches, and that muvuca ever political events. for Omar, business spoke louder.

Will Arthur hoped Omar accepted the alliance 'good’ and no hard feelings? Good, by the way did not work. Omar said he did not accept the alliance with Braga, He saw the inconsistency of Arthur would take the boat pro background and jumped out while giving time.

neither Arthur, Omar was faced with the most favorable and consistent option at that time, and allied himself with Marcelo Ramos, and even boarded the president of the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (OF-AM), Mr Joshua Neto, as vice. The Alliance seems to have pleased, but that the polls will they say.

Today we can only say that Arthur, who already had one foot out of the city because of the rejection of voters against his administration, now you will have to turn in thirty to achieve re-election. The toucan had a rejection 22,9%, according to survey data released by the Network Journal Communications. Singled out as some of the reasons are the failure of some campaign promises, as the bike path and the BRT, now added the negative impact of its alliance with Braga, They can take the boat from Arthur Neto to fund these elections.

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