Broadening access to technology in the classroom, Seduc launches Knowing platform +

The platform offers more than twelve thousand digital educational content, for schools teaching in public schools.
24/08/2016 14h56 - Updated 25/08/2016 09h06
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The State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc), in partnership with the Digital School, Telefonica Vivo Foundation, Nature Institute and the Institute inspire, launched, on the morning of Wednesday (24), a platform Saber +, It is providing more than twelve thousand digital educational content, with indications videos, games, animations, video classes, infographics and maps, categorized by discipline, series, theme, media type and language for schools teaching public schools. The platform is aimed at teachers, managers, students and their families, innovating and stimulating teaching in and out of the classroom.

The launch took place in the auditorium of the Vocational Training Centre Father José Anchieta (Cepan), located on the avenue Waldomiro Lustoza, No. 350, Japiim neighborhood, South of Manaus, and was attended by the Secretary of State for Education, Algemiro Ferreira Lima; of the Digital School Project Coordinator, Sara Faleiros, and the representative of Telefonica Vivo Foundation, Nature Institute and the Institute inspire, Mila Gonçalves.

According to the Secretary of State for Education, Algemiro Ferreira Lima, the platform will bring many benefits for students and teachers, encouraging learning. "The technology has been an important ally in the classroom, and more this tool we can improve the work that is already being developed in schools of public schools and ensure a higher level of learning of our young. Besides that, the great advantage of the platform is the possibility of interaction of Amazonas state schools in other states of Brazil ", said the owner of the folder.

With the signing of the partnership agreement between the Seduc and other institutions, passes platform to benefit approximately 442 thousand students; 19 thousand teachers and 589 schools, and 228 in capital. Besides that, Amazon becomes the first state to have the custom platform, launched the new layout of the Digital School, in which it is even easier to use digital objects teacher in the classroom.

For Digital Media and Content Manager Seduc, Sabrina Araujo, the platform is made up of content that will be used to help teachers and facilitate the process of student learning. "This partnership is very important and represents a milestone for us the Media Education Center, because we have a lot to contribute to education, in order to offer such content and digital learning objects. The definition of 'Find out more' is simple. It is a digital content platform comprises a multimedia collection, audios, infographics, games, digital book, among other content. With the partnership signed, managers, teachers, students, coordinators and the community in general can use the tool, because it is an open platform that has important advantages, to help teachers in planning their content, facilitate student learning and integrate departments and sectors that are in tune ", He explained Sabrina Araujo.

Benefits are many
totally free, the platform enables students, teachers and administrators a collection of digital learning resources that brings together the best Internet content. To use a platform, the user can perform a register, which increases their chances of creating tools, lesson plans, lists and groups to share content. Besides that, You can have access to lists of digital resources already organized by other users, as well as access the content offline after registration.

According to the coordinator of the Digital School Project, Sara Faleiros, the partnership with Seduc is extremely positive, mainly the work that is developed by the Secretariat, having as allied technology. "We are delighted with the partnership signed with SEDUC, because it is a school system that sees technology as something very powerful to change the way education is seen. We're now aware of several initiatives that take the technology to the classroom, causing the video lessons to students arrive ", said Sara Faleiros.

Also according to the coordinator of the Digital School Project, They are numerous platform using the benefits, strengthening the teaching tools in the Amazon. "Deck The benefits are positive for both Seduc as for the Digital School, as the Secretariat have the option to customize the use of this tool, creating, for example, own filters of products and objects developed by the agency and making available to its more organized teachers. For us, the advantage is the possibility to also have access to content being produced in the Amazon, making our much more diverse collection and be shared with the whole country ", said the coordinator.

Digital school
Created in 2013 by inspirare Institute, Natura Institute and Vivo by Telefonica Foundation, Digital School includes all curriculum components of basic education, with resources selected by the "ICT Educates", company specialized in researching and developing innovative solutions for interactive lessons, using the most modern technology to ensure high quality teaching and is responsible for the Digital School project curated.

entirely free, Digital School is accessed by state networks, municipal, public and private schools in all regions of Brazil.

Benefits educators to facilitate access to schools and school systems to educational materials capable of enriching and stimulating pedagogical practices. Students gain access to the tool because they can further their studies and share with family or guardians the progress of their education.

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