Application 'Government in Your Hand' has completed its prototype and approved by Melo

The new system will bring together services in education, health, tax collection, transit and public safety.
29/08/2016 13h54 - Updated 30/08/2016 09h36

Enrollment for public schools in the Amazon and fines alerts system in traffic, licensing winning vehicles and license will be available on mobile from December. New in the area of ​​mobility planned by the Government of Amazonas, the "Government in Hand" application had its prototype presented to the Governor Jose Melo on Monday, 29 of August. The tool is developed by the company Amazon Data Processing (Sell).

The new system will bring together services in education, health, tax collection, transit and public safety. In addition to the registration for admission in public schools, Amazon's Traffic Department of the State system (DMV-AM) It is the first to be built. Among the novelties, the possibility of paying taxes and a system of fines and license expiration and enable alerts, will be first made available in the initial phase.

The expectation is to promote the integration of all the services offered by government departments. The initiative is unprecedented in the country. "The idea is that all the services we have today in the cloud and on the Internet may be available to the Amazonian population simply, with unique access to citizens. The aim is to simplify ", said the CEO of Prodam, Marcio Lira Silva.

Economy and efficiency in services
The focus on mobility aims to provide more efficient service to the population and has intensified since last year, by determination of the Governor Jose Melo. In December 2015, Melo guided the creation of the Legal Framework of IT, which should be put to a vote this year by the state parliament. Among other measures is the creation of the new system of the State Department of Administration and Management (Sead), which allowed savings of R $ 1 million to public coffers. The measure also included the online monitoring of payroll. Departments such as Education (Seduc), Farm (Sefaz) and Health (Sesame) They were included in the innovation package.

With the "Government in the Hand", the expectation of the Amazonas government is to enable improvements in services, increase the user's ability to oversee services and launch new. One is the monitoring teams on duty in health and online appointment scheduling and medical examinations. The design of the prototype was presented to the Governor Jose Melo in a meeting with the Secretaries of Education, the director of the DMV and the first lady of the state, Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira.

"This modernization meets a fundamental need to improve the quality of public services, but without it burdening the coffers. We are investing in this way and already reaping good results. I think this action will be fundamental to transparency and will give citizens better able to access government services and, mainly, to be able to supervise their implementation ", He emphasized the governor, during the meeting.

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