after attacks, Temer authorizes sending army troops north of the Rio Grande

The attacks are responses of the bandits after cell blocker facility in prison Parnamirim.
01/08/2016 07h29 - Updated 1/08/2016 15h33
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Interim President Michel Temer authorized last night sending army troops to help ensure the safety of the population in the north of Rio Grande, amid recent attacks on buses and public buildings, committed, according to local government, in retaliation for cellular blocks installation at the State Penitentiary Parnamirim, In Natal.

The authorization was signed by around 18h ​​at the behest of Rio Grande do Norte governor, Robinson Faria. According to a spokesperson of the Planalto Palace, the military will be sent to "assist the state security forces", what, since Friday (29), recorded 54 vandalism and depredation events, most bus fire. There are also records of shots against public buildings and explosives in a bank branch.

According to a spokesperson of the Plateau, They have not yet set the amount of military or the origin of the troops to be sent to state.

At least 51 people have been arrested, suspected of involvement in attacks, including a drug dealer who is appointed as an articulator of the attacks by the State Department of Public Safety and Social Rio Grande do Norte Defense Intelligence Sector. According to the body, João Maria dos Santos de Oliveira, 32 years, known as John Mago, He was arrested this afternoon in a condo in New Parnamirim, the Great Christmas.

In the suspect's home, police seized R $ 300 thousand in kind, 20 crack tablets, 68 cell, watches, jewels, two pistols - one gauge 380 mm and another .40, Restricted use -, four loaders and ammunition. The dealer was on the run since December 2015, when he escaped from prison using a fake Parnamirim release license. He met for armed robbery, increased theft and conspiracy.


On Friday, when the attacks began, Robinson Faria determined that the "police force to act strongly to counter possible violent acts of factions or criminal groups". Faria also ordered the creation of an Integrated Management Office, with all organs in public security, to monitor police actions in real time.

"The cases we are seeing on the streets are a response of the bad guys because we installed, as a preventive measure, cellular blocker in prison Parnamirim, to prevent the convicts continue issuing orders from inside the prisons and crimes continue to be carried out here. We will not back down. We will show that the state is not immured. I gave freedom to the police work to defend citizens', said Faria.

Source: Agency Brazil

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