Arthur presents new first lady of Manaus in session with pastors in ALE-AM

The applicant decided to mark their new relationship in Tribune ALE.
17/08/2016 16h12 - Updated 18/08/2016 09h32
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Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) He spoke for the first time, this Wednesday (17), about his “new wife”, architect Elizabeth Valeiko, during a special session in the Legislative Assembly of the State (OF-AM). The Session was Citizen Title delivery to Micah Fernandes pastor, and were present the president of the Evangelical Ministers Order of Amazonas (Omeam), Sadi Caldas, as well as pastors of various denominations.

The mayor talked about the issue of Tribune ALE, after uttering the praise honored, on truth and sincerity. Arthur said that after two marriages, he wanted to be happy, and it was very quiet with the new relationship. He asked including, that honored the blessing.

“I feel Micah with the right to be happy. I hope everyone beginning with the pastor bless sincerity, the truth, something that is about even. But I want to be happy and if you can afford I thank. If they find that they can not allow me to be happy I thank, and I will be happy anyway”, said.

According to background information, Arthur decided to throw open the subject because his new relationship was already causing discomfort to his supporters. No last Sunday, the mayor was also in a meeting with pastors accompanied by Elizabeth for a breakfast. I served him giving food in mouth. People who knew the ex-wife of Arthur, Goreth Garcia, not managed to disguise his surprise at the newcomer.

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