Artists and protesters do act against corruption and in favor of Judge Sergio Moro

Susana Vieira, Victor Fasano, Luana Piovani, Lucinha Lins, Fagner and Jorge Punctual also support the design of 10 Measures Against Corruption.
09/08/2016 15h54 - Updated 9/08/2016 15h54
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An act of support to the federal judge Sergio Moro, responsible for the processes of Operation Lava jet in the first instance, It occurred on the afternoon of Monday (8) in front of the Federal Court of Curitiba. Artists were among the protesters. The actress Susana Vieira and Luana Piovani, actor Victor Fasano and singer Fagner, who has written a song in tribute to Moro, They participated in the act.

“We are defending him [Sergio Moro]. So, my love, if no one knows, we are defending his integrity. Our guy is with the Moro. I think that's it. And our concern is that things change”, said Susana Vieira. Listen to what spoke to actress Susana Vieira in the video below. Before the protest, artists had lunch with the judge.

In addition to support the Operation Lava Jato, protest supported the package 10 measures to combat corruption proposed by the Federal Public Ministry (MPF). More than two million people have signed the petition, which was delivered by representatives of the MPF to Congress, in March.

Protesters also were against the bill amending the abuse of authority of law. The bill of Senator Renan Calheiros (PMDB-AL), President of the Senate, It has been criticized by Sergio Moro.

At a ceremony held in late July in front of the Federal Court, in the capital Paranaense, Moro said that police investigations and prosecutors may be affected with the approval of the measure. “If this project is approved, there will be a real risk to investigations. And I do not say here about Operation Lava Jato, because it goes well beyond the Lava Operation Jet. This concerns the independence of the judiciary, this is valid for any research, present or future”, said, at the time.

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