Associations of prosecutors rebut Gilmar Mendes and defend Janot and Lava Jato

entities, totaling 18 thousand members, expressed support for "exceptional efforts and work" of Janot.
25/08/2016 10h07 - Updated 25/08/2016 10h09
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Six associations representing prosecutors released today (24) Note support the Attorney General of the Republic, Rodrigo Janot, and the task force Operation Lava Jato.

The text is a reaction to statements made yesterday (23) by the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF) Gilmar Mendes, who criticized information leaks Lava Jato, He said that prosecutors can not find the "O the Borogodó" and need to wear "the sandals of humility".

entities, totaling 18 thousand members, expressed support for "exceptional efforts and work" of Janot and prosecutors of Lava Jet task force and say that the work of the prosecutors in the operation "has been technical, Full "and advances" always in search of elucidation of the facts, without choosing and without avoiding the involvement of anyone ". Or text stresses that, with Lava Jato, MP managed to bring to justice the "biggest corruption scheme ever discovered in the country".

"In this way, powerful interests, no doubt, they are thwarted, negative paradigms are broken, and sound in the air often injustices against researchers. The lack of solid arguments, They are released to the Lava Jato and PGR empty policy positions and accusations of alleged abuses that are rarely specified and are not confirmed by any instance of the Judiciary. "

The text also questions the leak charge of information made from magazine Veja, which revealed the alleged quote from the Minister of STF Dias Toffoli during the negotiation of the winning denunciation of the former president of the construction company OAS, Leo Pinheiro. According to the members of MP, It became clear that the published information "was not even in the possession of the prosecution", as Janot said yesterday.

"What this case of hasty and previous findings with any investigation be as alert to the public: the prosecutor in the case Lava jet - the attorney general's office and staff, prosecutors Curitiba - never use or used similar and illegal expedients ", says the note signed by the presidents of the National Association of Prosecutors (ANPR), Members of the National Association of Public Prosecution (Conamp), the National Council of Attorneys General (CNPG), the National Association of Labour Attorneys (ANPT), the National Association of Military Public Prosecution (ANMPM) and the Association of Public Prosecution of the Federal District and Territories (AMPDFT).

The work of the Public Prosecutor, according to the associated, allows the country believe is possible to overcome impunity and its mission is to defend the law, the Federal Constitution and public property in the country.

Early, the Association of Brazilian Magistrates also issued a statement in response to statements by Gilmar Mendes on Lava Jet and what the minister considers undue advantage of some members of the judiciary.

Source: Agency Brazil

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