MMA athletes rebel in the Amazon: 'Enough to fight in exchange for tickets'

Movement formed by MMA fighters AM hopes to found a trade union to fight administrative excesses.
15/08/2016 08h31 - Updated 15/08/2016 09h52
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In protest tone, a movement formed by Amazon MMA fighters promises to paralyze the events in the state if there is no gradual mode of professionalization process. They refuse to fight for tickets, practice adopted by some organizers to pay the purses of the fighters in small events, medium and large companies in the Amazon.

The fighters also hope to establish a syndicate to combat administrative excesses of state secretariats and Municipal Sports, investing public money in outside events and fail to support local competitions where the true representatives of the MMA Amazon are formed.

The movement 'Enough to fight in exchange for tickets' started from the professional wrestler initiative Fernando Silva, The "Tourinho", Amazon athlete team Marcio Pontes Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu / Nova União and currently vying for Shooto Brazil (Rio de Janeiro).

"Athletes are killed in training, grate a lifetime and some event organizers want the Amazon require us to sell tickets as the only way to pay for bags. We are sellers of tickets, fighters are. This is wrong and must change, so we had the idea of ​​joining forces, meet the fighters and try to form a syndicate to fight for our rights ", said Tourinho, that has 26 years and a cartel with 12 fighting (eight wins, two defeats and two draws).

other demands
Athletes also want to form a state ranking of MMA to establish different levels between the fighters, classifying them as beginners, professionals and veterans. Another idea of ​​the group is to establish a minimum amount for scholarships, as well as ensuring the organizers support ambulance and professional disclosure of all events.

The future Union of Fighters Amazon MMA professionals does not preclude the organizers to define quotas of tickets to sell athletes. However, they disagree vehemently that this is the only way prosecutors found to lead to public events. One proposal is to establish a percentage of tickets for athletes or academies help you sell, but never a full scholarship.

first meeting
The group has more than 50 male and female athletes, between beginners and professionals. The first meeting of the movement takes place next Tuesday, 16 of August, at 19:30, In Manaus. The location of the meeting is a law firm located in the avenue Colonel Cyril Neves, 1010 (is the street that leads to Ponte Rio Negro, going down the avenue Brazil, in Compensates, West zone).

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