milk banks benefited over 11 thousand children last year

This year, January-June, They have been collected 963 liters of milk, benefiting, mainly, children admitted to ICUs.
02/08/2016 06h57 - Updated 2/08/2016 14h34
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Last year, 11.628 children have benefited from human milk collected in the State Department of Health posts (Sesame). altogether, They were processed 3 thousand liters of milk. This year, January-June, They have been collected 963 liters of milk, benefiting, mainly, children hospitalized in Intensive Care Units (UTI) the Amazon hospitals. The book was presented on Monday (1º), by Susam, during the opening of World Breastfeeding Week. The event marked, also, the opening of four new human milk collection stations, two maternity Ana Braga, In Manaus, one in Itacoatiara and another in Tabatinga.

A tribute to the donor mothers Ana Bárbara, Suzane Hart e Kerolyn Natasha, contributing to the Human Milk Banks (BLH) of the state, also marked the opening. Programming Week ends on Saturday (06), with teams of Milk Banks, Maternities and Comprehensive Care Centers for Children (Caicos), the state health network, performing a series of actions to promote, encouragement and support breastfeeding. The end of the campaign will be on Saturday (06), common “Mamaço” (event in which mothers are simultaneously breastfeeding), in Largo San Sebastian, 16:30.

From now on, Amazon now has 22 Human milk collection points, 18 in Manaus and four in the municipalities of Borba, Manipur, Itacoatiara and Tabatinga. The state coordinator of Child Health, Katherine Benevides points out that the World Health Organization (WHO) It considers that until six months of age children should be fed exclusively breastfeeding. "Breast milk is a complete food, containing vitamins, minerals, fats, sugars, protein, all suitable for the development of the child ", said.

She points out that only breast milk has substances that protect the baby against diseases like diarrhea - which can cause dehydration, malnutrition and death -, pneumonias, ear infections, allergies and many other diseases. Besides that, breastfeeding promotes the strengthening of the bond between mother and child.


On Tuesday (02) Until thursday (04), maternity realize guidance activities and breastfeeding awareness. The Balbina Mestrinho performs at 10h and 14h the distribution of information leaflets for patients hospitalized in the unit and accompanying. In Azilda Marreiro the guidance activities take place at 9 am and 14h and Alvorada at 9:30 am and 14:30. Motherhood Dona Nazira Daou will 9am a conversation wheel with patients followed up at the outpatient unit. The Women's Institute Dona Lindu will celebrate, this Wednesday (03), the sixth birthday of the Milk Bank flutter Anzoategui.

Mothers who contributed milk donation will attend a breakfast at the maternity Ana Braga on Tuesday and on Wednesday the unit BLH teams will guide the hospitalized patients.

On Friday (05), teams of Human Milk Banks will be from 8 am to 12 am in CAICs doing orientation activities and new donor registration. The program of the World Breastfeeding Week ends on Saturday (06) with a 'Mamaço', in Largo San Sebastian, digs 16h30.

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