Drink of acai base intended to prevent cardiovascular disease

The drink is being developed by Fapeam in partnership with Ufam and produced by Chocolates Finos Amazon.
02/08/2016 12h16 - Updated 2/08/2016 12h16
Photo: Erico Xavier / Fapeam

A functional drink of acai base developed in Amazonas Government support through the Foundation for the State of Amazonas Research (Fapeam) It is in production by the company Finos bonbons Amazon, in partnership with the Federal University of Amazonas (I trust).

The project is a work contemplated in the Subvention Program notice for Technological Innovation in Micro Small Businesses in the State of Amazonas (Tecnova/AM), developed by Fapeam in partnership with the Financier of Studies and Projects (finep).

Acai is one of the main assets to anthocyanins, pigments responsible for the characteristic color of the fruit and biological activities, explains Dr. Biotechnology, Emerson Lima.

The researcher also said that the pigment has several actions, including oxidants and anti-inflammatory, which are directly linked to the prevention of cardiovascular risk. "We thought about making a drink that is delicious, but at the same time that could have preventive effects on cardiovascular diseases. So, this feeling, the company sought to Ufam to develop this project together ", said researcher.

Emerson Lima points out that the market already has a few drinks in this segment, but the output gap, prepared by staff, It is the functional appeal. "With high content of anthocyanins, We are developing a product which has the possibility of being a drink for the prevention of cardiovascular risk ", he emphasized.

For businessman Jorge Alberto da Silva, acting for several years in the candy segment made chocolates with fillings Amazon, the acai based beverage is a new product. He adds that, with this research, It has been possible to think of other products such as flour açaí, which is in production phase. "Today we have the bonbon of açaí, jelly açaí, but we do not have a drink where we could save the real fruit of nutrients. also we think about making a bonbon where we could mix cupuassu, for example, açaí, that was what generated the acai flour ", said businessman.

Jorge Alberto points out that the support of Fapeam was essential to transform the idea in a good deal for the Amazon. "It is very important that support. We would not be able to do without Fapeam, because it is not something so cheap, it requires development of own product testing and acquisition of the materials themselves ", said businessman.


Emerson Lima researcher explained that the first phase of the research was to develop an acai extract involving the fruit of the enrichment process with high content of anthocyanins. "We produce a dry extract with a high content of anthocyanins from fruit harvested right here. What hinders the incorporation of this extract in the drink is that his income is very low and it can be done or thought in a future step, which is the enrichment with this extract in the formulation ", Lima explained.

currently, the drink is being tested to determine the best formulation taste and texture. Already the next phase of the project will be the beverage of stability study, for example, as shelf-life and the process of industrialization. "We want to reach the end of the project not only with the drink, but also with acai-products that can be incorporated as the company's products ", concluded the researcher.

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