Bosco Saraiva leaves the deputy leadership of the State Government because of PSDB alliance with the PMDB

The news was received by the other parliamentarians surprise. Some deputies present in the plenary was expressed about the decision.
10/08/2016 14h45 - Updated 11/08/2016 08h29
PHOTO: Tiago Correa / CMM

Motivated by the current political scenario and new alliances State Representative Bosco Saraiva (PSDB) He announced his departure from the post of deputy leader of the state government in Amazonas Legislative Assembly (hazard) what happened during the Plenary Session Wednesday (10).

"It's a personal movement of consistency with what was decided by the leadership of my party and Arthur Virgílio. Exercised in the Assembly the position of deputy leader of the government since the beginning of my mandate, to contribute because of the difficulties by which crosses the state facing the national economy. So with the political situation formatting, and as it was this new alliances not fit me more remain in office. ", said the parliamentary.

In this ocasion, also took the opportunity to thank the trust gained over the period was holding office, and he added that it will continue with the same critical stance. "I appreciate the confidence of the governor, the leaders of the government here in the Legislature. I follow being the same, right is right, wrong is wrong, but the position I am now returning to avoid embarrassment of the, Goat.", he emphasized Bosco.

The news was received by the other parliamentarians surprise. Some deputies present at the plenary session was expressed as to the state deputy Bosco Saraiva decision. For them, posture underscores the character of the same against the Amazonian population.

"I greet you, not only for today's gesture, because for me it is just a natural consequence of their entire existence. Congratulations on your consistency, dignity and remain calm and balanced person that, who knows separate things and always make front, looking into the eyes, playing open and not hidden. ", said Mr Serafim Correa (PSB).

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