Brazil viewed favorably: international press praises opening of Rio 2016

In live coverage page of the English BBC, the vehicle referred to the ceremony as a "spectacular show".
06/08/2016 16h07 - Updated 7/08/2016 12h39
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The international press followed closely the Rio opening ceremony 2016, which was commented on in real time in the main sites of world news. In most of them, the party won praise.

The Argentinean El Clarín said that Rio vibrated with a full music party, colors and sport. "The opening ceremony was an exhibition at the height of the Marvelous City. There was rhythm and beauty in every step in the Maracana legendary stadium ", evaluates the publication.

The US The New York Times said that the Olympic Games opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro arrived "as a save" after every crisis, political and economic, that the country faced during the organization of the games. According to the publication, the party disguised "the wounds for a few hours and left the Brazilians celebrate everything".

The French newspaper Le Monde called the groundbreaking ceremony and stressed that the opening was marked by a celebration of Brazilian music. The newspaper quoted the acting President of Brazil Michel Temer, to speak at the event, It was greeted by boos from an "important" part of the Maracana Stadium.

In live coverage page of the English BBC, the vehicle referred to the ceremony as a "spectacular show".

English The Guardian pointed out that there is an interesting contrast between the opening of the Rio 2016 and the Beijing games 2008 and London, in 2012. The two previous ceremonies approached the history of the host countries, while in Rio last message is that "we must do something about the environment or can not have many Olympics to celebrate in the future".

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