Fight between doctors may have influenced teen death, accuses family

Lucius relatives support indemnity lawsuit filed by the Ombudsman against the State of Amazonas.
13/08/2016 12h51 - Updated 14/08/2016 13h47
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Adolescent Family, Lúcio Pena Figueira, from 14 years, accusing two doctors, a surgeon and an anesthetist, the death of minor incidents in function occurred on 4 August during surgery in Hospital and Emergency Department of the East Zone Child, the "Johnny".

According to them, interrupting the procedure may have influence on death. Indignation made family seek the Public Defender of the State (ECD-AM) to check for rights. Lucius relatives say that the surgery was delayed for about two hours, which may have aggravated the health status of the patient, according to the adolescent brother, Lucas Pena Figueira, 21 years.

The family says support indemnity lawsuit filed by the Public Defender of the Amazon against the state due to the unfortunate episode.

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