Bumlai deposes on site in Atibaia investigated in Lava jet and would Lula

Lula woman, Marisa Leticia, and your son, Fábio Luís Da Silva, They did not attend the testimony marked by PF.
18/08/2016 09h12 - Updated 18/08/2016 09h16
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The rancher José Carlos Bumlai testified yesterday (17) at the headquarters of the Federal Police in São Paulo, on their participation in the reform of the site Atibaia investigated in Operation Lava Jet as being owned by former President Lula. Bumlai came accompanied by his lawyer Daniela Meggiolaro, but, she said, they could not give details of the testimony because the investigation runs under judicial secrecy.

“[testimony] It was very simple, on his participation in the reform of the site, which was very small ", said lawyer. according to her, Bumlai answered questions "as it always has. Since he was arrested, he only has given demonstrations that claims to offer the largest number of details and information about any part of it in the facts which are reported in Operation Lava Jato ", said Daniela.

The Bumlai lawyers joined the Supreme Court (STF) with habeas corpus to prevent it from returning to prison. The rancher is, currently, under house arrest for the treatment of bladder cancer and heart problems. Last week, Judge Sergio Moro, the 13th Federal Court of Curitiba, He determined that Bumlai is presented to the Federal Police (PF), not next day 23, to be again taken to the Criminal Medical Complex in the capital Paranaense.

Lula woman, Marisa Leticia, and your son, Fábio Luís Da Silva, They did not attend Tuesday (16) the statement marked by the Federal Police Curitiba. The lawyer of former president Lula da Silva, Cristiano Zanin Martins, said, In this ocasion, a news conference in Sao Paulo, that the non-attendance of both the statement was only the exercise of a right provided for in the Constitution.

The testimony was scheduled for 10 am yesterday at the Superintendence of the Federal Police in São Paulo and was part of Operation Lava Jato. In this ocasion, It would address the issue of reforms made to the site in Atibaia, whose property is attributed to Lula. According to the survey, reforms have been made with diverted resources from Petrobras.

Source: Agency Brazil

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