Hunting for Pokemon ends in tragedy in the AM

Trio had stolen mobiles while playing Pokémon Go and decided to look for the thieves at a party. Woman died from stray bullet
09/08/2016 09h19 - Updated 9/08/2016 09h19
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A woman 47 years died after being hit by three stray bullets during a party, in Manaus East Zone, no last Saturday (6). Three other people were injured. A military police, an agent of the armed forces and a student were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the murder. All the confusion occurred when suspects in the crime had phones stolen by two men while hunting Pokemons. They were the party to seek double. Arriving on site, They fired three shots at the present.

The trio was released on Monday(8), by order of the Amazon Court (TJ-AM). The crime was recorded as murder and attempted aggravated murder. The ECJ decided to release them because those involved do not respond to other actions or police investigations, have a fixed residence and employment.

The suspects claimed to justice who had the stolen cell while playing Pokémon Go by two guys. Segundo o TJ-AM, "Precautionary measures may be reviewed by the competent court, in case of change of personal situation of the suspects during the course of the police investigation and prosecution ".

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