House resumes activities and vote renegotiation of debts of states with Union

Parliament passed two weeks without parliamentary activities, due recess.
01/08/2016 07h20 - Updated 1/08/2016 16h08
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After two weeks without legislative activities, under white recess, the House of Representatives resumes on Monday (1º) their normal activities with votes in plenary and in committee work. The first project to be enjoyed by Members in the second half of 2016 It is dealing with the renegotiation of the debts of the states and the Federal District with the Union (PLP 247/16). The project is moving in constitutional urgency.

To deal with the discussion and voting on this project and other issues that are on the agenda, President of the House, Mr Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), scored meeting with party leaders for the afternoon of Monday. At the meeting, They will talk about the vote in plenary and on the functioning of the House in the coming days, not least because many Members wish to participate in the municipal conventions that will define the candidates for the elections this year. Conventions can be made until the day 5 of August. The intention is to Maia voting sessions in the second, Tuesday and Wednesday until the early afternoon for parliamentarians to travel to their states.

The expectation is that MPs will vote next week the project debt renegotiation of the states and the Federal District with the Union. Among other things, the text negotiated with the Executive and should be discussed and voted on in the House the next day lengthens by 20 years the debts of federal entities with the Union and, In contrast, It establishes that the states and the Federal District should reduce personnel expenses and tax incentives. The project, which is to overcome constitutional urgency and, therefore, locking the agenda of votes on the House, It is reported by Mr Spyridon Amin (PP-SC).

provisional measures

In addition to this project, Reading are waiting to enter the agenda of three provisional measures polls. After reading in the plenary of receiving these MPs, they come to lock the Chamber of voting agenda. MPs awaiting consideration in plenary are the MP 723, extending for three years the term of operation of the medical Program More Doctors contracted through exchange.

The MP also benefits Brazilian professionals trained abroad and foreigners working in the non-degree program revalidated in the country. According to the government, as will allow 7 thousand professionals remain in Brazil, the term would end in October.

The other two MPs deal with the extraordinary credit facility, one to meet the Presidency and the Ministry of Sports for infrastructure deployment of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 and the other designed features to the Electoral Court for expenditure on municipal elections.


Even with the beginning of the electoral process for choosing mayors and councilors in all municipalities in October, the mayor warned it still plans to vote in August the project that changes the role of Petrobras in the pre-salt exploration. The intention is to start the discussion and vote on the project shortly after the vote on the renegotiation of state debts and provisional measures. Before being put to a vote, the full House will create a general committee with experts in the field to discuss the government's proposal.

On Tuesday (2), at 19 h, there will be session of the National Congress (House and Senate) aimed at assessing 15 presidential vetoes the projects approved by Congress. Also on the agenda of projects session polls dealing with changes in the Budget 2016 and amending the Budget Guidelines Law (LDO) from 2017.

It is also scheduled for Thursday (4) in the camera, the presence of the federal judge Sergio Moro, responsible for conducting the Operation Lava Jato, in the first instance. Live participates in the beginning of the work of the special committee of the House created to analyze the bill with ten measures to fight corruption. The purpose of the initiative was the public prosecutor and had to sign over 2 million people.

Source: Agency Brazil

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