Marcelo Ramos campaign draws crowd in the East

First major campaign event was attended by Senator Omar Aziz and congressmen Alfredo Nascimento and Pauderney Avelino.
20/08/2016 22h11 - Updated 22/08/2016 09h42
Walk Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto

Energy and enthusiasm marked the welcome walk held by the coalition "Change for Change" in Manaus East Zone. The candidate for mayor Marcelo Ramos, Vice Joshua Neto, Senator Omar Aziz and congressmen Alfredo Nascimento and Pauderney Avelino, They marched alongside popular, supporters and candidates for councilor through the neighborhood John Paul II, in the East, on Saturday morning (20).

on the walk, Marcelo cited the importance of uniting people who want the good of Manaus around the project "safe and transformative change" that has presented in its application and highlighted the support of the contribution of political leaders who serve in Congress.

"The presence of people like Senator Omar, of deputies: Alfredo and Pauderney show that this is an application that has the force and the energy needed to point the right way for our city, but it has behind it, the experience, the maturity of those who lived longer than we, who can help us avoid making the same mistakes they made and who can help us get it right more than they agreed ", pointed Marcelo Ramos.

Marcelo believes that his candidacy will have a strong base of support in Congress to raise the necessary resources to Manaus. "We need to Manaus to walk again to the front and to resume the path of progress, the development and improvement of quality of life ", concluded Marcelo Ramos.

Women, men, children and elderly were unanimous that Manaus calls for change and that the East Zone is abandoned by the current administration. "We want someone to look after us, to bring in dignity and to solve our problems of lack of security and lack of medical center because the city has abandoned us ", said housewife Katya Santos, 24.

Besides Katya, dozens of other women hugged and greeted Marcelo Ramos and Vice, Joshua Neto saying they want change. Residents also embraced Alfredo Omar and asking again to look for Manaus.

"This partnership with Omar and Pauderney, who believed in our project and wanted to support us, causes us, together, there in Brasilia, we can bring more resources to help Marcelo to be a great mayor for the city of Manaus ", said Alfredo Nascimento.

The walk covered more than three kilometers through the main streets of John Paul II. Residents wanted to hug and greet Marcelo, Joshua Neto and journalist Wilson Lima, which is always harassed by popular.

"I think Marcelo has interesting proposals for the city that are upgrading to end some 'culture' as the lack of water. The city is suffering. I'm talking here about people and although I, as governor, We have passed the Proama to city hall, not solved the water problem. People continue to suffer, the city is ugly, dirty, bumpy. I hope Marcelo with the vigor that it has, he can do something better for Manaus, make a big change and make a government for the people ", said Senator Omar Aziz.

For Congressman Pauderney Avelino, the feeling of hope that took to the streets of John Paul is proof undeniable yearning for change of population. "This change has the name and the face of Marcelo Ramos. Marcelo has a policy consistency and expertise to transform Manaus in what it has the potential to be. It is ready to be the new mayor of Manaus ", revealed Pauderney.

Marcelo Ramos and Joshua Neto intensify walks in all regions of Manaus to reach the largest possible number of undecided voters, in addition to daily power their virtual profiles on social networks.

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