Amazonense Championship Grand Prix takes place this Saturday (27) and promises a lot of excitement

The event will take place in Kartódromo the Olympic Village of Manaus and should gather around 20 pilots.
26/08/2016 10h42 - Updated 26/08/2016 10h43
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Much excitement and high speed will make up the 7th stage of the Amazonian Championship Grand Prix, which takes place this Saturday, day 27, a partir das 20h, Karting in the Olympic Village of Manaus, located in the neighborhood Dom Pedro, Midwest area of ​​the capital. The event brings together around 20 pilots and is a realization of Amazonense League Motorbike (LAM), and receives Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

Before the engine snorts announce the start of the competition, It happened, late on Thursday, day 25, in the auditorium of the Olympic Village same, a meeting with the pilots to deal with the Championship rules. "The meeting was to address the rules that pilots have to follow, the equipment to be used, what should or should not put on the bike, all in relation to security measures. Besides that, the riders who attended the meeting had a securing point, and they were able to make their entries in the amount of R $ 50, then the cost will be $ 100, "said the director of the LAM, Elane Castro.

altogether, are four categories that will compete in the State, with an MV1 (main category), MV2 (talk), MV3 (beginners) e a categoria SM (superbikes). The competition will consist of two batteries and the first sum 20 points, or second 18, the third 16, and so on.

According to Elane, the last pilot training takes place on Friday, day 26, at 18:30, on the track of the circuit. "I hope the best in this championship, just the fact of seeing the riders climb the 'machine' and feel their will of piloting, is fun for all of us and certain technical quality "commented.

During happen 10 Amazonense stages of Grand Prix and the final is scheduled for 25 from November. The winners will receive trophies and a cash, yet unrevealed, plus gifts, as helmets and tires.

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