Championship Inter Gracie offering over R $ 7 thousand to the champions is with open enrollment

Registrations are being held at the headquarters of Jiu-Jitsu Sports Federation of Amazonense (Fajje).
23/08/2016 08h56 - Updated 23/08/2016 08h56
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Inter Gracie Championship came days 24 e 25 of September, Arena Amadeu Teixeira, located on the street Loris Cordovil, Flores. however, before the heat mat, it is necessary that the gentle art lovers can guarantee your place at the event. registrations, which started on Monday, day 22, follow up day 16 of September. The competition receives Amazonas Government support, via the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

Registrations are being held at the headquarters of Jiu-Jitsu Sports Federation of Amazonense (Fajje), located at Rua Comendador Matos Areosa, No 423, in St. Anthony, West zone, to R $ 40. Those who do not reside in Manaus must validate the registration [email protected] The categories in dispute will be four years to senior, from white to black belt.

One of the event's highlights is the awards. This because, altogether, will be R $ 7,000 distributed to the winners of the categories. With the backing of the family who spread the Jiu-Jitsu techniques in the world, the expectation is that the Inter Gracie has great demand for local athletes and even outside the Amazon.

"It's the largest award ever made in the Amazon and seeks to value the fighter of our state. Besides that, the event will bring together the Gracie team and we are open to other teams also. Athletes have received contacts from outside the capital and to other countries. Thereby, We hope to meet an average of two thousand participants ", said one of the coordinators of the event, Diego Vieira.

Gracie Experience
The Championship Inter Gracie Gracie is part of the Experience, which brings together a number of shares offered by the most noble clan of the gentle art. Before the thick bark to turn up for the fight, It takes place on 23 of September, to 18h, a talk with the Master Robson Gracie and at 19:30 a seminar with Ralph and Renzo Gracie, both in the Arena Amadeu Teixeira.

"This lecture is another event that will take place within the Gracie Experience with the current family patriarch, which is the ninth degree red belt, Robson Gracie, father Renzo, Ralph and Ryan Gracie and grandfather of Kyra. No doubt, It will be a time of great learning, where you can find several stories, from the origin of Jiu-Jitsu to the present day, with the mediation of his daughter, Flavia Gracie”, said organizer, João Ramos.

Registration for the seminar and lectures will be announced in the coming days, as well as more news about Gracie Experience.

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