Candidates criticize Arthur Neto ad spending

Hissa Abraham and Jose Ricardo answered questions prepared by Farmers and criticized the current mayor spending, Arthur.
27/08/2016 13h18 - Updated 28/08/2016 16h47
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At the premiere of the series of interviews with the candidates for mayor of Manaus, The "Prefeituráveis ​​in SIFAM", the Union received, at its headquarters, the PT candidates, state deputy Jose Ricardo and PDT candidate, Congressman Hissa Abraham. Both candidates answered questions prepared by the Farmers Union and the press sector. The issues permeated issues such as health, environment, tax system and, especially, urban mobility.

The President of SIFAM, Emerson Queirós, He questioned what the real economic situation of the city of Manaus and with city resources can meet the demands of the population, the two candidates interviewed this morning criticized the current mayor spending, Arthur Neto (PSDB) advertising.

"In sum he spent about R $ 230 millions (advertising). I leave a R $ 50 million which is more than enough (advertising) in four years and the remaining R $ 170 million would to build 42 schools, eight rooms with indoor court because this is the actual cost of a school and this would be the proper disposal of these public resources ", said Jose Ricardo (PT), also stressed: "The current mayor had something around R $ 15 billion to invest in the city (the four years), much more than any previous mayor ".

Hissa Abraham also spoke as would have managed the amount used in advertising. "If I have $ 270 million advertising that was spent, I have R $ 30 millions, R$ 50 millions, R $ 100 million to make day care, to create a unified system of child integration, I have R $ 50 millions, R$ 100 millions, R$ 200 million to solve the water problem also, many houses in East zones need water tank to put in that period when the dutoras are off, to never be without water in your home, I create the check housing, so that people can have some money in the account to reform its 'banheirozinho' inside your home ".

In response to a question sent by an affiliate of SIFAM, Jose Ricardo said if national scandal in which the PT is involved affect the performance of his candidacy. "So far I did not feel anything against my candidacy from being the party of workers, by the way, I am there there 21 years. Here in the Amazon has no one involved in the PT Lava jet different politicians from other parties here Amazonas, como do PMDB tem gente delatado, PSDB has denounced people in Lava Jato, DEM also has federal deputy, PSD senator has denounced, PR has Congressman, all involved in Lava Jet and we expect that justice reach these politicians of the Amazon involved in Lava Jato, but in the Amazon PT has no one ", he said.

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