Letter of Dilma to the Senate and the public should be disclosed today

The document will be one of the last positions of the PT before the final judgment of the impeachment process.
16/08/2016 08h55 - Updated 16/08/2016 14h31
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The away President Dilma Rousseff should disclose on Tuesday (16) a letter to the people proposing the holding of a plebiscite on the calling of early presidential elections. The document has been studied in recent days by Dilma and allies, including parliamentarians, and will be one of the last positions it before the final judgment of the impeachment process.

The forecast is that the president convene a press conference at the presidential palace to explain the arguments that will expose the letter, mainly classifying the case against her “knock”.

Last week, 59 Senators voted for acceptance of the opinion that continues the process. Thereby, the trial of Dilma liability for crime will start the next day 25, a Thursday.

According to PT parliamentarians, the President will not take a farewell note in letter. Senator Humberto Costa second or (FOR WHAT), it will make the document an assessment of the current situation and say what the consequences if definitely prevented.

Source: Agency Brazil

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