Rousseff's letter is read in the Senate and unconvincing opposition

Fátima Bezerra read the entire document to colleagues who were present at yesterday's session.
17/08/2016 07h58 - Updated 17/08/2016 14h02
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Senator Fátima Bezerra (PT-RN) read yesterday(16), on the Senate floor, the letter from President Dilma Rousseff away the senators and the Brazilian people. no document, Dilma makes an appeal to the senators not to condemn unfairly the impeachment process and returns to propose a referendum for the population to express its opinion on the holding of new elections in the country.

Senator read the entire document to colleagues who were present at yesterday's session and forwarded the document to be recorded in the annals of the Senate, the "political lucidity, clarity, and courage in defense of democracy "text, she said.

For the leader of the PSDB in the Senate, Cássio Cunha Lima (PB), the letter of Dilma was extemporaneous and will not have enough weight to change the course of the process.

"It's a fragile political letter, legally non-existent, a person who had every opportunity to dialogue with the Brazilian people, with the National Congress. He did not, and now comes with a completely out of time dialogue proposal, out any purpose. What Congress will do is to follow up the process and punish her by the exemplarily impeachable offenses that were committed ", said the toucan.

One of the main voices of opposition to Rousseff, Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO) He said the letter from the president away shows that it is "disconnected from the Brazilian reality" and trying to evade the responsibility for the crisis.

"It is the time of crisis facing the country as if it was she responsible for all this. It is also an affront to the Supreme Court, the Court of Auditors of the Union and the National Congress, who are just exercising their functions ", criticized Senator.

But the PT leader in the House, Humberto Costa (ON), stressed the importance that the letter may have to change votes of senators who are not yet convinced and reaffirm the votes of those who are already in favor of President. "We are focused on showing the senators that there is a liability crime and, therefore, this impediment process ends up turning into a process of rupture with the Brazilian democracy. "

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