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bike path 17 km in Mindu corridor is committed to Marcelo Ramos

The announcement was made by the applicant to participate in the V Bikes Forum, Manaus organized by Pedal cyclists group.
Photo: disclosure
Photo: disclosure

Construction of the Ecological Corridor Mindu, linking Jorge Teixeira to the Bilhares Park, It is one of the priority projects in the urban mobility area in the Government of Marcelo Ramos Plan, candidate for mayor of Manaus by the coalition "Change for Change". The announcement was made by the applicant to participate in the V Bikes Forum, Manaus organized by Pedal cyclists group, Billiards in the Park, on Friday night.

The work of the corridor, according to Marcelo Ramos, already have resources in the account of City Hall to run, but by inefficient management does not leave the paper. Marcelo guarantees that will give priority to the construction of what he calls Via Park (Parque Linear do Mindu), with 17 km, which will be the first cross street of the city Mindu the stream of skirting from its source to the Park of Billiards, in Constantino Nery. "As soon as the hall, We have entertainment areas and bike racks to facilitate interconnection with other modes of transport ", said Marcelo.

The candidate spoke of his proposals for modal in the city, passing the viability of the Ecological Corridor of the work of Mindu, that since 2007 not got off the ground.

The candidate also detailed the priority that will give the public transportation, with the deployment of Intelligent System Mobility which proposes measures to reduce congestion and increase the average speed of public transport, adding modernity to the system.

One is the georeferencing of bus stops, what, with GPS already in modal, will tell the user what time your bus will get to the point. “The SIM will be able to make the technology available in favor of the population using public transportation. Will work how the waze (Traffic georeferencing application) today. Citizens will be able to know how long the bus will pass on his arrest is how long it will take to get to your final destination”, explains Marcelo Ramos.

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