coalition “Change to Transform” It is the last great work meeting before the start of the campaign

Senator Omar Aziz reaffirmed its commitment to the campaign of Marcelo Ramos and Vice Joshua Neto.
11/08/2016 17h27 - Updated 12/08/2016 08h19
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To unify the discourse and strengthen the foundations of the year beginning on Tuesday, the coalition “Change to Transform”, candidates for mayor of Manaus Marcelo Ramos and vice Joshua Neto, He held on the morning of Thursday (11) a large workshop in Dulcilas Buffet, in Ponta Negra, with 422 coalition of councilors. The meeting had the participation of the main supporters of the project: Senator Omar Aziz and Nejmi, the congressmen Alfredo Nascimento and Pauderney Avelino, Lime addition to Wilson, among others. Deputy Joshua Neto served time as president of the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas and can not attend.

“We are taking a key step in a journey that will lead us surely to victory, achievement and hope for a better life for our people”, said Marcelo Ramos, who emphasized be preparing not to defeat opponents, but the city's problems. “Our walk is to defeat the hole Manaus, defeat the lack of meals in schools, chaos in public transport”, said, citing the main points of his government plan, as Learning Time, that partnerships with civil society will promote full-time schools for children from public.

Senator Omar Aziz reaffirmed its commitment to the campaign and highlighted the union “youth, physical strength and willingness to work experience and maturity”. “It is an alliance to defeat the delay, aggression, the fallacy”, said Senator, leaving to make a reference to a recent speech of the current mayor. “If Mark Rotta took the sleep of the mayor (in the race), Marcelo will be your nightmare”, he said.

For the deputy Alfredo Nascimento, Marcelo Ramos is the necessary transition to the city of Manaus deserves. “O Marcelo is soon. He studied the city, He studied the problems and have the feasible solutions. Marcelo has everything to be a better mayor than I was”, he said, which has been voted the best mayor of Brazil. “There are people who do politics with dignity. And who does politics with dignity in the Amazon is with Marcelo Ramos”, Senator completed.

Nejmi Aziz, which played an important role alongside Marcelo Ramos in the process that made the law “Test show heart” in public hospitals, also said deposit their hopes on Marcelo application on behalf of the advancement in the social agendas that both advocate. “I believe in a better Manaus. I believe in Marcelo Ramos”, said Nejmi.

The journalist Wilson Lima, in turn, He summoned the councilors to “roll up your sleeves” and also reaffirmed the commitment to the project. “I have not measured efforts to offer my support to this project, which is much greater than any personal claim” he said. Already Congressman Pauderney Avelino said that the city needs “smile again”. “Manaus was the city-smile. We need to regain the smile of Manaus and Marcelo Ramos is the way.

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