With debt of R $ 1,5 million hotel Ariaú goes to auction

The hotel was valued at R $ 26 million and has 66 hectares.
03/08/2016 13h47 - Updated 3/08/2016 14h10
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A new auction Amazon Ariau Towers jungle lodge will be held on Wednesday (3). The project is disabled and was once the auction sometimes, unsuccessfully, because of a debt of R $ 1,5 million with Petrobras Distribuidora. The case is in court since 2006. The process regarding the hotel and information for those interested in bidding are available for consultation on the website Amazon Court (TJ-AM).

Ariaú is located in Lake Ariaú and has an area of ​​more than 66 hectares. The bids will be given at the Zuckerman Auctions site.

According to company information auction, payment must be made in cash. written proposals auction may be sent to the company if no bids for cash.

The property is valued at R $ 26 one thousand, as issued report in April 2015. The finishing touches will continue until the day 25 August - the minimum bid for 2nd Square is the same assessment of the project.

According to Petrobras Distribuidora, the action comes to debt collection in the approximate amount of R $ 1,5 million, seeking reimbursement of the BR values ​​relating to tax on the Goods and Services (ICMS). The BR claims that the amount was unduly deducted from tax fuel supply notes (gasoline C, diesel oil) and lubricants, period not 2002 a 2004.

The lawsuit was filed in 2006. In November 2015, Justice of the Amazon pawned the property and determined that the hotel was auctioned off. The hotel was valued at R $ 26 million and has 66 hectares.

The hotel Ariau is located in a tributary of the Rio Negro, near the archipelago of Anavilhanas, a 60 Kilometers from Manaus. The area is the jurisdiction of Iranduba municipality in Greater Manaus. The site has been Anaconda movie recordings scenario and reality Survivor. The hotel welcomes tourists from various countries. Billionaire Technology Bill Gates and former US president Jimmy Carter are among the celebrities who have gone through the hotel.

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