With Lula at Alvorada, Dilma says confident the allies Senators

The PT said it and willing to answer without restriction of time to questions of parliamentarians.
29/08/2016 08h16 - Updated 29/08/2016 08h16
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The away President Rousseff, who was reunited with former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Senator Katia Abreu (PMDB-TO) the Alvorada Palace, talked - by phone – Sunday night (28) with senators opposed to impeachment. They were gathered in Lidice Senator's apartment Mata (PSB-BA), in Brasilia.

Rousseff said she felt safe and confident, and willing to answer without restriction of time to questions of parliamentarians on Monday, no Federal Senate.

"Better exhausting the discussion until the time we needed", Rousseff said the senators, indicating that the session in the Senate may extend the night and dawn. The president will take away 30 minutes for his defense in plenary. After, each senator enrolled, but of 40, You will have five minutes to ask questions.

"Asked if he felt confident, she replied that she was ", said Senator Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP), who participated in the conversation. He confirmed that Lula was meeting with Rousseff in the presidential palace on Sunday evening.

parliamentary undecided
Senators opposed to impeachment sought, to get to the meeting, demonstrate confidence to win the votes of undecided lawmakers. First to arrive, Vanessa senatorial Grazziottin (PCdoB-AM) and Senator Paulo Paim (PT-RS) counted eight reversible votes, which can reach 13.

"You can reverse all these votes", said Vanessa. "Once some voting, We can get up to 32 (against impeachment)”, she said.

"Are you talking to Senator Dilma, Senator is talking to Temer ", said Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ). He said he had confidence that Dilma's speech tomorrow will be able to mobilize society, It is a "turning point" in the conviction of senators who have not yet declared vote. "Tomorrow's session will be very tense, a dramatic moment in the history of the country ... we think it will be a great impact on public discourse. "

The meeting in Forest Lidice house aimed to sharpen the questions that will be made by Dilma senators opposed to impeachment. The group should make technical issues aside and bet on the emotional aspect of President, asking questions "simple, but comprehensive ", Vanessa second Grazziotin. "I want to ask how she feels toward this whole process", revealed Randolfe.

In a final negotiation efforts with the governing coalition's interim president, Michel Temer, Dilma's advocacy group tries to get favorable parliamentary speeches for and against the impeachment are interleaved in time have the opportunity to make questions to the president.

The order of registration, There a block of 12 Senators in favor of impeachment in sequence before any parliamentary impediment contrary to again talk. "This is bad for us and bad for them, I believe it will be possible to break it, intercalary, as is the custom in parliament ", Vanessa said Graziotin.

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