Begins the final phase of the trial of Dilma Rousseff in the Senate

It is expected that completion of the process to take place until the early hours of Wednesday (31).
25/08/2016 08h59 - Updated 25/08/2016 14h28
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Under the command of the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, just started the first day of the final phase of the trial of the impeachment of President Rousseff away. It is expected that completion of the process to take place until the early hours of Wednesday (31).

The first part of the session will be devoted to the presentation of points of order by the senators. To quicken the session, Lewandowski decided to answer the questions in block, at once. The Democrats will ask the questions that have been previously tested are automatically rejected by Lewandowski.

Then begins the hearing of witnesses. First to be heard, the Public Prosecutor with the Federal Audit Court, Julio Marcelo de Oliveira, prosecution witness, It is considered the most important day. Oliveira was the author of the opinion of the TCU that was the basis for the rejection of the presidential accounts 2014. At the time he considered that there was a crime committed in the provision of additional credits via presidential decree, without congressional authorization, calls tax pedaling.

He also said that the "irregular" practices continued to be adopted in 2015. According to him, who have testified in the same process while still proceeding through the House and then the Senate Special Committee, the government closed 2014 must billion reais to two banks - Bank of Brazil and BNDES - paying only for the resources due to cash and only at the end of 2014. Julio Marcelo also states that "rides" were only paid in December 2015.

Despite the arguments and documents that have been presented by the prosecutor in recent testimony in Congress, Rousseff's allies were not convinced that there was a crime and has anticipated that, different from ally Temer base, you want to give agility to today's session, they will do all the necessary questions to all summoned.

"This is the time for us to talk to the majority of the population and the senators who did not attend the work of the special commission. Let's talk with the same conviction: to that President Dilma did not commit a crime committed. Throughout the process was proven. This impeachment is a great injustice, fraud, a farce because they lack legal soundness ", said Senator Fátima Bezerra (PT-RN). according to her, the group advocates around the country Dilma command will fight "tirelessly until the last minute".

No counter-attack, Senator Ronaldo Caiado (DEM-GO) confirmed the strategy to optimize the time, with a question that will be made by the leader or his party leader indicate. "Witnesses coming to the plenary are witnesses that have been heard in the special commission. All already are tired of hearing the same question and the same answer. ", he explained.

Until last night, 29 Senators had already placed name on the list to ask questions to the prosecutor, which should play the longest hearsay day. Registrations opened yesterday, with 24 hours in advance of today's session, but as long as the questioning senators can continue signing up.

Four witnesses will be heard today. Although the prosecution, the other witness will be the auditor of the TCU, Antonio Carlos Costa D'ávila. the defense, will be heard on Thursday the economist Luiz Gonzaga Belluzzo and law professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) Geraldo Prado.

witnesses, which will be heard separately, incommunicado since yesterday, confined in a five star hotel in the center of Brasilia, no TV, Internet and phone.

The isolation of witnesses, You should only end on Saturday (27), was adopted by the Senate for the impeachment of the rite is based on the Code of Criminal Procedure. They signed a form agreeing to these conditions and will be brought to the Senate, one by one, the Legislative Police. Soon after participating return to hotel.

As access to the Senate building is restricted to parliamentary, servers and people accredited, the largest movement in the early morning was journalists. Visitation Congress is suspended.

Source: Agency Brazil

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