Begins meeting to vote report argues that Dilma go to trial

Parliamentarians meet again on 9 for analysis of the report, but by 81 Senators on the Senate floor.
04/08/2016 09h46 - Updated 4/08/2016 09h46
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After 100 days, the work of the Senate Impeachment of the Special Commission end today (4) with the senator's report vote Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG), advocating the continuation of the prosecution and trial of President Rousseff away for a crime committed.

Traditionally made in the Commission room of Human Rights, as it has happened in the admissibility phase of the process, today's vote was transferred to the Commission's room for Constitution and Justice so that it could be done nominally through the electronic panel.

Early in the meeting, President of the college, Raimundo Lira (PMDB-PB), explained that the other 20 the commission holders will have five minutes to express. To be approved, the report needs the votes of a simple majority of the members of the college. A expectation, both among the group that supports Dilma as among the pro-impeachment, It is that the opinion of Anastasia is approved by a large majority.

Next steps

Parliamentarians meet again on Tuesday (9) for analysis of the report, this time, by 81 Senators on the floor of House. If a simple majority, that is, half plus one of those present at the session decides for the continuity of the process, Dilma will be judged at the end of the month, at a date yet to be defined.

Source: Agency Brazil

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