Commission approves favorable report to the impeachment of Rousseff

The report was approved by 14 votes to 5. The commission concludes the work with the decision.
04/08/2016 11h46 - Updated 4/08/2016 15h53
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By 14 votes to 5, the Special Committee of the Senate approved the impeachment Antonio Anastasia Senator report (PSDB-MG), in favor of the continuation of the proceedings and the judgment of President Rousseff away for a crime committed. Thereby, the commission concludes work. As I had anticipated it would do since taking collegial, Senator Raymond Lira (PMDB-PB) He was one who did not vote.

Next tuesday (9), the same report will be voted by 81 Senators on the floor of House. The session will be chaired by the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski. For the report to be adopted in plenary, are necessary votes of simple parliamentary majority, that is, half plus one of those present at the session. If senators decide the continuity of the process, Dilma will be judged at the end of the month, at a date yet to be defined.

In the final judgment, Senators will have to decide whether Dilma will definitely be removed from office and will be ineligible for eight years. For approval, are necessary, no minimum, 54 votes, to vote on the Senate floor.


Before the report vote, holders senators and party leaders had five minutes to defend their positions and most took the opportunity to explain and anticipate the vote. The first mentioned was Senator Ricardo Ferraço (PSDB-ES). According to him, Anastasia report "screams, bawls and embodies all the facts related to the crimes committed by the president away ". to Ferraço, Dilma's fiscal policy made the country plunge into its most complex economic crisis.

Also in favor of the toucan's report, the former Minister of National Integration Dilma, Fernando Bezerra Coelho (PSB-PE), said his vote “sim” it is a “vote of hope in the reconstruction of Brazil”. Senator Pernambucano added that the Fiscal Responsibility Law was “clearly wound” Dilma government for re-election.

The leader toucan, Cássio Cunha Lima (PB), It was in line. He said that "government Dilma crimes" were committed with political purpose. In defending the lawsuit against PT is completed later this month, Cunha Lima said that “the agony of the country can not last more”. On the statements of the mandate of the defenders of the president away, Senator ended the speech with the following sentence: “You will not have blow, will have impeached”.


In defense of Rousseff mandate, or Senator Humberto Costa (PT-PE) compared the current situation of Brazil to a “farcical repetition” the coup 1964, which he, It is justified “the fight against corruption claimed by corrupt”. Costa also said that the president away committed no crime and that the decrees of additional credits, target process, “never justified” the removal of a president.

Against own party colleagues, rather exalted, Agriculture former Minister Dilma, Katia Abreu (PMDB-TO), He said the impeachment process is the result of “blackmail Eduardo Cunha”, I wanted to get rid of the charges against him.

The senator also criticized the fiscal policy of the interim government of Michel Temer. He added that “the monthly allowance and petrolão are not a party only” and that “many are mired”.

By declaring the vote against Antonio Anastasia report, Senator Gleisi Hoffmann (PT-PR) he said, despite an unfavorable outcome for Dilma, the allies of the president away fulfilled their role. The PT criticized the commission for giving more importance to the rite that the content and assessed that there is an ongoing scam, "Not against Dilma, Squid or EN, but against 54 million voters ".


One of the most tense moments of the commission occurred when Senator Fátima Bezerra (PT-AM) He referred to Anastasia report as "fraudulent". President Raimundo Lira asked that the phrase was removed from the session full transcript, which is made by the Senate shorthand, and caused outrage among PT.

Senator Lindbergh Farias (PT-RJ) He said the center of his speech would be on the same line and accused Lira censorship.

"This is not censorship, balance is”, countered Lira, which upheld the decision.

Raimundo Lira recalled that on other days, when PT used the same expression, He took the same attitude. He said one of the committee meetings also asked to withdraw the word "criminal", used by parliamentarians in reference to Dilma Rousseff. Senator justified the decision based on Article 19 Bylaws of the House, prohibiting the use of uncivil expressions.

Another article cited was the number 48 which provides that the President is responsible for promoting the publication of all debates and acts of Senate preventing expressions forbidden by the Senate of the regiment.

Commission President

Early in the session, Raimundo Lira thanked the Senate servers and took stock of the work 100 days ahead of the commission. "The time we live in today is a decisive episode in the history of our democracy, and I think the way we work in this commission will be seen, no future, as an example of reverence for democratic principles, this critical situation we are in. Similarly, we always we base, in the workings, the nonpartisan position, respect minority positions, the rules of good living that keep the debate open roads and contradictory ", highlighted.

Source: Agency Brazil

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