Impeachment committee concludes opinion discussion; Voting will be today

Voting begins at 9 am. Each senator will have only 2 minutes to send the vote, which may be the opinion of the rapporteur or by separate vote.
04/08/2016 07h26 - Updated 4/08/2016 11h51
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The suing the Impeachment Commission concluded last night (3), the discussion session of Antonio Anastasia senator's report (PSDB-MG), which has voted for the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff of responsibility for crime.

The prosecuting attorney, João Correia Serra, He praised the opinion of Anastasia and stressed the known character "centralizing" the president away, that cater, according to him, to prove the impossibility that Dilma was not aware or do not directly commanded the acts for which he is charged.

"There is no way to imagine, being President Dilma centralist and authoritarian, as always said, there is no denying, because this is indeed notorious, she simply ignored or thought that their technical Central Bank, Banco do Brazil, of the National Treasury, your default, They have joined at the same time a concentrated action to make a very serious illegality against the Constitution. Of course this had a command, It is inadmissible to imagine the opposite ".

Defense Counsel, José Eduardo Cardozo, in turn, He said he was sure that Anastasia report does not prove that removed President has committed crimes and accused the reporter of having acted in a "love" to write the opinion.

"Given the evidence of the case, of all that has been proven by expertise, by witnesses, the documents, I had an expectation: Anastasia could the senator is free of partisan passion and look at the case, look at the evidence, look right? Could he use the full potential it has always had to seek the truth, rather than bow to the passion? With all venias, Noble rapporteur, with all his genius, not get it; He managed to defend, with the usual brilliance, the thesis of his party, but, actually, he failed to gather and capture the truth of these proceedings ", said Cardozo.

Point of order

One of the main advocates of the president away in committee, Senator Vanessa Grazziotin (PCdoB-AM), again presented a point of order at today's meeting. She asked to be taken of the opinion of Anastasia the stretch that made mention of the testimony of a witness who just missed due to health problems.

"It's not fair to the witness take it, a witness who came ill, barely started an answer and was interrupted by defense counsel, who requested the waiver because the witness could not even speak, the completion of the single reasoning began. Use this speech? Transcribe? I also can not meet the report, I can not", said Sen..

However, the issue was denied by the chairman of the committee, Senator Raymond Lira (PMDB-PB), who claimed, the episode, the witness was not affected by disease that compromise the full exercise of his "mental powers" or their thinking ability. "The beginning of his testimony, therefore, makes up the body of evidence in the file, It can be considered for all purposes. moreover, the same witness was again surveyed in 20/06, continuing its complete testimony ", said the president, to reject the question.

The vote will take place today Anastasia report (4), a partir das 9h. Each senator will have only 2 minutes to send the vote, which may be the opinion of the rapporteur or by separate vote, presented by Rousseff's supporters, in which they claim her innocence.

Source: Agency Brazil

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