impeachment committee discusses Anastasia report

The prosecution and defense lawyers will 20 minutes each to make their observations on the report Anastasia.
03/08/2016 12h15 - Updated 3/08/2016 12h16
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It began in the Senate Impeachment of the Special Commission to Antonio Anastasia senator's report discussion stage (PSDB-MG) about the process that can definitively eliminate President Dilma Rousseff of the Presidency.

Early in the session, President of the Special Commission, Senator Raymond Lira (PMDB-PB) explained that before the debate among senators the prosecutors and defense will 20 minutes each to make their observations on the report Anastasia.

Presented and read yesterday, the paper argues that the process move forward and that Dilma is brought to final judgment by the Senate. The rapporteur argues that the president opened additional credits without authorization from Congress and made loans to financial institution controlled by the Union (calls tax pedaling).

Call pronunciation, This is the second phase of the process in the Senate. it, the members of the special committee heard testimony from witnesses, requested documents for the production of evidence, They performed expertise and accompanied the reading Dilma's personal defense. At this stage it was also delivered the closing arguments of the prosecution and defense.

Next steps

Tomorrow (4) the committee's work will be ended with the vote on the report Anastasia. As the impeachment advocates are most in collegial approval of the opinion of Anastasia is taken for granted.

This Friday (5) the vote on the joint committee will be read during non deliberative session on the Senate floor. On Tuesday (9), already under the chairmanship of President of the Supreme Court, Ricardo Lewandowski, It is expected to vote, by a simple majority in plenary, the opinion of the toucan.

In this case, to be approved and the case against Dilma be forwarded to the final judgment the report needs only the support of half plus one of the senators present at the session.

If this happens, It will open the way for setting the date of the final judgment which will be marked by Lewandowski. According said yesterday (2) Senate President, Renan Calherios (PMDB-AL) the expectation is that the process is completed by the end of this month. Renan provides for the start of the trial by the full House in the days 25 or 26 next.

As this last stage the trial could last up to a week, Senate President argued sessions over the weekend, but the Chief has not set how will.

the votes are needed 54 of 81 senators to convict Dilma. With this score, the president relinquishes the office and is ineligible for eight years. If the 54 votes are not met it takes up the mandate and the case is closed.

Source: Agency Brazil

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