Commission wants to change directions to the STF

A proposta é em consequência da análise das ‘Dez Medidas Anticorrupçãosugeridas pelo MPF.
03/08/2016 11h30 - Updated 3/08/2016 11h30
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The special committee of the House of Representatives set up to examine the ten anti-corruption measures suggested by federal prosecutors want to expand their reach and include discussions on changes elsewhere, such as changing the ministers naming model of the Supreme Court. The intention is to change the role of superior courts to avoid conflicts with the Legislature, extending the maximum period of detention in the country and regulate the lobby.

The committee's rapporteur, Deputy Onyx Lorenzoni (DEM-RS), It intends to include in its opinion changes in the selection process of the STF ministers, today exclusive to the President of the Republic. The question is who would make those statements. Not Senate, there is a proposed amendment to the Constitution ready to be included on the agenda of votes of the Committee on Constitution and Justice (CCJ) on or topic, What determines the choice based on list sixfold, formed by two appointed by federal prosecutors; two by the National Council of Justice; one appointed by the Board and one appointed by the Bar Association of Brazil.

Lorenzoni said he also intends to include in the discussions to define the role of the superior courts. "I'll walk into a minefield. Relations today prosecutors and the judiciary with the Parliament are very conflict. It has interference of the Supreme Court here, is Minister of the Supreme inventing legislation. It has a very latent antagonism ", said the State.

guests. Yesterday, Lorenzoni presented his schedule to commission. The group will meet on Mondays and Tuesdays in August and September for hearings because the campaign period. The vote on the report in committee and in plenary take place in November. There are already at least 40 guests will be asked to participate in public hearings in the coming weeks, but the expectation of the rapporteur is that the number will reach 60. Federal Judge Sergio Moro, responsible for Operation Lava Jato, will open the hearings tomorrow morning.

The "10 Measures against Corruption" was presented to Congress in March, at the initiative of the Federal Public Ministry and entities which received more than 2 million signatures. Lorenzoni already gives for granted the presentation of a substitute.

Prison Time. Deputies want to take the committee to review the Brazilian criminal law. PSD leader, Rogério Rosso (DF), He called for the inclusion in the commission of a bill that increases 30 for 40 years the maximum prison time. The project is authored by Mr André de Paula (PSD-PE) and it was presented in 2014. Rosso will also suggest the inclusion of lobby regulation project in the coming days.

But the leader of the PPS, Rubens Well (PR), You want to include a bill which stipulates that public works need to be handled by contractors. Bueno also to suggest the debate on collegiality on the proposed amendment to the Constitution which deals with the end of the privileged forum. The debate is also advocated by the rapporteur of the committee.

On another front, lawmakers plan changes in the proposals of the Public Ministry. There is almost unanimity among committee members against the so-called "integrity test". The action is considered controversial by Members, because it proposes a "simulation situations, without the knowledge of the public official or employee, in order to test your moral conduct and predisposition to commit crimes ".

Supreme. Speaking at last night, Minister Luís Roberto Barroso, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, He made a critical assessment of the excess of the Court's powers and called for "drastic reduction" in the STF assignments. Among the changes, Minister suggests, just, the end of the privileged forum of the way it is today. for Barroso, the judgment of the authorities by the Supreme Court "wears" and "politicized unduly" the court.

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