Check out the agenda of the candidates for mayor of Manaus on Thursday (25)

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25/08/2016 07h45 - Updated 25/08/2016 07h47
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The list is in alphabetical order.

Arthur Neto
At the time of matter the applicant's counsel did not disclose the agenda.

Henrique Oliveira
8h30 – Walk on Avenida Israel, in the neighborhood Jesus gave me. Near Eb.
10h – Netherlands Portal Interview.
16h30 – Walk on Avenue Nepal, New Town neighborhood.

Hissa Abraham
9h – Commitment to base
15h – Interview Amazonas newspaper TIME
19h – Meeting in John Paul neighborhood
20h – Meeting in the neighborhood Colonia Antonio Aleixo

Jose Ricardo
7h – Interview on Radio Amazon FM – Program On Top News;
7am to 10 am – “Bandeiraço” militancy in Djalma Batista Avenue, in front of the Eldorado Set;
10h – Interview on Radio CBN Amazon;
14h to 18h – Recording of TV programs;
16h30 to 19h – “Bandeiraço” militancy in Paraiba Avenue, corner of avenue André Araújo (Aleixo);
20h – Meeting with residents and community leaders from St. John the Baptist Community (park Ten), along with the candidate for reelection, Councilman José Waldemir, to discuss the problems in the area of ​​public security.

Luiz Castro
7h – Leafleting at Av. Carvalho Leal with street Codajás
10h – Participates in the Amazonian Parliament
11h – Participates in the Education Forum
15h – Meeting with campaign coordination
17h – Walk in Alvorada neighborhood
19h – Meeting with community leaders

Marcelo Ramos
7h – Leafleting at Av. Major Gabriel com a Av. Boulevard;
12h30 – Lunch with Carmen and Paul Nasser Nasser and employees Prontocord;
17h – Walking on the street 24 of August – near samba school UK, Morro da Liberdade;
19h – Meeting with women in Arena PR22:
20h30 – Meeting with pastors – Street Travessa S, number 04, New Hope, Ministry Baptist;

Professor Queiroz
Morning – Aerial footage in RCCOP TV uncritical, or program for “MORNING IN THE AIR”, at 6 am.
Morning and afternoon – The candidate for mayor will hold Seminar on People Management at Party headquarters.

Serafim Correa
09h - Plenary Session - ALEAM
12h - Interview Canal 36.1 Digital
15h - Meeting Campaign Coordination
17h - Walk in the West Zone
20h - Meeting in the West Zone

Silas House
08h – Campaign internal meeting
19h30 – Community Meeting in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood

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