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26/08/2016 08h09 - Updated 26/08/2016 08h09
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The list is in alphabetical order.

Arthur Neto
9h – Mark Rotta makes walking in the Upper Town, East zone;
16h – Arthur has offered to entrepreneurs in Fieam;
17h30 – Arthur and Rotta do walk in the New Israel.

Henrique Oliveira
8h30 – Walk on Avenida Israel, neighborhood Jesus Gave Me, near Eb;
15h – Leafleting at Avenida Torquato Tapajós, in front of the Psalm 91, Tarumã district;
16h – Speaker of the 1st Corporate Action Cycle – State Agriculture Federation, Trade, Industry, Trade Association and Industry Center, Auditorium FIEAM, Center;
19h – Panel Speaker “Political space with Government” – pedal Manaus -, Grandstand of Bilhares Park, Avenida Djalma Batista, Chapada.

Hissa Abraham
8h – Bandeiraço in Manoa Ball
9h – Commitment to the Court
11h – Interview the Union of Farmers
16h – Proposals in FIEAM
17h – Walk in Educandos neighborhood

Jose Ricardo
7am to 10 am – leafleting with “bandeiraço” street Maceio;
9h – TV interview SIFAM (Union of Farmers);
10h – interview in Holland Blog;
11h – interview with the newspaper Criticism;
16h to 19h – leafleting with “bandeiraço” on Avenida Constantino Nery, entrance of St. George;
19h – Bicycles V Manaus Forum (political panel).

Luiz Castro
6h30 – Gives interviews to Radio stations
11h – Gives an interview to TV station
19h – Participates in Forum Bike Manaus

Marcelo Ramos
4h30 as 7h30 – Hello Amazon program recording – School Transportation in Rural Area;
7h – Leafleting with Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima – Alameda Cosme Ferreira in Zumbi sign with the San Jose I;
17h – Marcelo Ramos: walking – concentration point in Santa Luzia Street, next to the fair of the fish - Compensates;
17h – Joshua Neto and Wilson Lima: walking – Meeting point in Rua da Glória with the Osvaldo Cruz Street – Bairro da Glória
19h – Pedaling Manaus in the Bilhares Park;
20h30 – Meeting with the community Viver Melhor 2, with the participation of Fausto Souza, Step in Ararabóia Street near the bus station next to the Assembly of God church.

Professor Queiroz
19h – Attend meeting with cyclists pedaling MANAUS, in the Amphitheatre of the Billiards Park.

Serafim Correa
0900 pm to 12:00 pm - Recording Election Program
1500 pm - Meeting in the North Zone
1700 pm - Walk in the south
1900 pm - Participates in the V Forum Bike Manaus
20h30 – Meeting in the East

Silas House
08h – TV program recording
11h45 – Interview TV
14h30 – Interview with a news portal
19h – Bicycles Manaus Forum
20h – Community meeting in Cologne Antonio Aleixo
21h – Community meeting in Live Better

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