Check out the agenda of the candidates for mayor of Manaus on Tuesday (30)

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30/08/2016 08h13 - Updated 30/08/2016 08h14
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The list is in alphabetical order.

Arthur Neto
17h – Arthur does walk in São Raimundo neighborhood;
19h – Meeting the Central Committee of the East Zone;
21h – election program recording.

Henrique Oliveira
8h30 – Walk on Topaz Avenue, New Forest neighborhood, Sources close to the grocery store.
16h30 – Walk and Leafleting – Street Alaric Furtado with Mapoão Street, Val Paraíso neighborhood, People close to the grocery store.

Hissa Abraham
8h – Commitment to base;
10h30 – Interview with Portal CM7;
14h30 – Interview to Jornal Criticism;
16h – Walk in Educandos neighborhood;
20h – Meeting with leaders in the neighborhood of the Union.

Jose Ricardo
7h – Minicomício (next to Terminal 2);
15h – Minicomício (neighborhood Mauazinho);
19h – Meeting with community at the Grand Victoria Quarter, along with the candidate for councilor Guedes.

Luiz Castro
9h – parliamentary activity
11h – Meeting in Susam
12h30 – Planning meeting
13h – TV program recording
14h to 20h – Meeting with social leaders

Marcelo Ramos
7h at 11am – interviews: FM radio Amazon; Amazon Sat; CBN Amazon and Amazon portal;
9h – walking – meeting street 34, side of the Catholic Church to San Francisco – Mutirão – Joshua Neto and Wilson file;
17h – walking – concentration point Av. Amazonino Mendes (em frente from UBS Theomario Pinto) – union neighborhood – marcelo ramos;
17h – walking – Father Francisco street with the street Lauro Bitencourt – St. Anthony – Joshua Neto and Wilson file;
21h30 – Meeting at the residence of Dr. Maia with Pastor Carlos Valencia Union of Evangelical Ministers of the Amazons.

Professor Queiroz
At the time of matter the applicant's counsel did not disclose the agenda.

Serafim Correa
At the time of matter the applicant's counsel did not disclose the agenda.

Silas House
07h – Breakfast with leaders
09h – Interview Association Servers Sefaz
14h – PM accession cables Association and Soldiers
15h – Interview with Amazon Time newspaper
20h – Community meeting in East

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