agreement accounts may be used to bar candidates by the Clean Record Law

The TCE-AM has delivered the latest list of managers with accounts reproved the electoral bodies.
21/08/2016 14h48 - Updated 22/08/2016 09h41
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The decision of the Supreme Court (STF), who disregarded the technical judgment of the Court of Justice in the accountability as one of the criteria used by electoral bodies to bar applications for mayors applications records and former mayors did not rule out the possibility that these managers are prevented from running in these elections. The statement is the presiding director of the Amazonas State Court (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho Junior, at the end of Election Refresher Course – conducted by Amazon Magistrates School – no last Saturday (20).

According to Ari Moutinho Junior explanation, the Supreme Court decision prevents the use, the Electoral Justice, management accounts benefits judged by the ECA, whose issued prior opinions are judged politically by local councils, but did not address on agreements accounts managed by the heads of municipal administrations, that they are not appreciated by councilors and, therefore, They should be used to bar managers who do not properly used public money in their management.

"The Audit Courts across the country, together, already they are mobilizing to reverse the decision of the Supreme Court to disregard the technical opinion of TCEs and consider only the political assessment of the Chambers. This is not the desire of society, you see, now, hundreds of dirty chips being released. If the Law of Clean Record was made by drunks, as the minister said, she was embebedada citizenship and hope of society ", said the counselor, no last Saturday, to an audience over 180 people, judges comprising, election judges, servers of Elections and students, among others, They are participating.

According to Ari Moutinho Junior advisor, the Electoral Prosecutor has even directed the electoral prosecutors to use the trial of the agreement accounts for arguing ineligibility for managers with accounts reproved by the ECA. The electoral regional prosecutor, Victor Ricceli, in conversation with the counselor, He commented that the Supreme Court decision away only one complaint possibilities of ineligibility and revealed that he had already alerted the regional prosecutors to assess the application of ineligibility based on failures of the agreement accounts. The accounts of the other managers may be used as criteria for ineligibility.

No last day 15, TCE-AM delivered the latest list of managers with accounts reproved the electoral bodies, as determined by the Clean Record Law. in listing, appear over 500 names of presidents and former presidents of municipal councils and bodies managers of the direct and indirect administration of the state and municipalities of Amazonas, as well as state and federal agreements accounts managed by the chief municipal executives.

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