Amazon Dance Corps presents free shows in theaters in Manaus Historical Center

Continuing the planning for this month, or group, is free performances of his most acclaimed performances, with free admission.
17/08/2016 16h34 - Updated 18/08/2016 13h48
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This Sunday (21), no Teatro Amazonas, 19h, Amazon Dance Corps presents the shows 'or CASARDÁ Here you buy the dream dream' and 'Rite daPrimavera'. On Friday (26), 19h, in Theatre Installation, located in street Frei José dos Inocentes, near Mother Church, It will be presented the show CASARDÁ. E, the following Sunday (28), again in the Teatro Amazonas, 19h, ending with a flourish, be interpreted 'CASARDÁ' and 'Cabanagem'. Presentations at the Teatro Amazonas are part of special programming to commemorate the 120 years of historical monument, completed this year.

In The Rite of Spring, a young Indian called Worecü, the first menstruating, It is removed from society and begins to engage in manual labor assigned to women, a characteristic custom of the tribe Tikuna, called the MOCA New Ritual. With choreography signed by dancers Adriana Garcia and André Duarte, the show is a retelling, immersed in Indian culture, the work of the same Russian name of Vaslav Nijinsky and Igor Stravinsky, from 1913. In the original plot, what is happening in ancient times, a girl is brought in sacrifice to the deity spring, at the height of a pagan ritual, aiming to win for his people a fruitful harvest.

Cabanagem, Mario Nascimento, reflects the spirit of resistance, fight, revolt and preservation of cultures of the period in which black, Indians and mestizos rebelled against the political elite in the North of Brazil, not regencial period. Several battles made the motion to stay marked by violence, what you can feel throughout the presentation, with well marked and rapid movements. The show has its choreography based on works 'A Brief History of the Amazon', Márcio Souza, and 'In the Country of the Amazons', Marilene Correa.

CASARDÁ, Alex Soares, It is inspired by the Czardas (Hungarian folk music used in marriage celebrations) and the legend of Icamiabas (name given to the Indians who formed, here in the Amazon region, tribe of women warriors who did not accept the male presence) and portrays fairly present the contemporary sexism and women attempt to escape standards set by society, the obligation of marriage and dependence by the male partner, in favor of empowerment and personal achievements.

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