Creation of the 'Community Address' will be evaluated at City Hall

The proposal is Alderman Everaldo Farias.
01/08/2016 07h55 - Updated 1/08/2016 07h55
Photo: Tiago Correa/CMM

The Municipality of Manaus (CMM) analysis, this week, indicating the Manaus City Hall to create the "Community Address". The proposal is PV leader of authorship in CMM, Councilman Everaldo Farias, and aims to contribute to the integration of people at risk in the labor market, plus give these citizens the chance to reconnect with family.

Community work address as a communication opportunity for the homeless and homeless, but also for those people who for various reasons have not yet settled on a fixed address. This is the case of national and international immigrants.

"Our proposal comes against a huge need for many people who are on the streets and face many difficulties because they have a fixed housing. Try re-entering the labor market is one of these difficulties. Without a postal address, you can not take documents necessary in the search for a job and, In so many cases, the own employer does not make hiring knowing that the person has no house, even though it has qualification ", said Councilman.


In the year of 2015, but of 120 People on the street joined the statistics of the Municipal Social Welfare and Human Rights (Semasdh). Until November last year, 1.289 They had already been registered by the agency.

As used by the Federal Government, homeless population is the group that has in common the extreme poverty, interrupted or weakened family ties and lack of regular conventional housing, using public places and degraded areas as livelihood living space, temporarily or permanently, as well as the units host for temporary overnight or as temporary housing.

"Owning a postal address means you can sign up for courses, contests, vestibular and the like that require a reference to its effectiveness. In addition to providing opportunities for employment and income, increase the dignity of these people and provide the opportunity for meeting family. I have the support of the House and of my peers to approve this proposal as soon as possible ", He finished Everaldo.

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