'Crisis is public spending expansion of fruit made in government Dilma', says Anastasia

The rapporteur notes that the artifices and fiscal maneuvers used for expansion of spending involved loss of confidence of economic agents.
02/08/2016 13h25 - Updated 2/08/2016 13h51
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In its final report on the pronunciation phase of the impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff away, presented on Tuesday (2) the Special Committee of the Senate Impeachment, Senator rapporteur Antonio Anastasia (PSDB-MG) It argues that the PT is brought to final judgment by the Senate. The rapporteur argues that Rousseff opened additional credits without authorization from Congress and made loans to financial institution controlled by the Union, calls tax pedaling.

I do not vote, Anastasia says that the economic crisis that Brazil is going through today is the result of what he called "unsustainable expansion in public spending" made in the government of Dilma Rousseff. The rapporteur notes that the artifices and fiscal maneuvers used for expansion of spending involved loss of confidence of economic agents, investors, of individuals, the numbers of the economy and the future of the economy, e, today, in loss of Brazil investment grade by the major credit rating agencies.

Also according to the toucan, with all this comes the realization, the international community, that Brazil is not a country committed law targets set, and the commitments of a financial nature are not taken seriously in the country.

"This is serious conduct, who looks not only against the tax liability, but, mainly, against the prerogatives of Congress. While fiscal policy is enforced by the Executive Branch, it only legitimized by the approval of the Legislature, which is the most representative of Brazilian society.

Control of taxation and public expenditure is one of the essential functions of Parliament, foregoing, historically, the actual legislative role, and that is at the heart of the very conception of the rule of law ", highlighted, the conclusions of the vote.

Or document 441 pages, to be read in its entirety by Anastasia, It maintains that Rousseff wounded eight principles, among which, planning, prudence, The transparency, Separation of Powers, balance of public accounts and legality.

Although the vote distributed to senators, Anastasia says that in this process the Brazilian society needs to watch what he considers key points. "First of all, fiscal decontrol compromises the sustainability of public policies for key services to society, which are nothing more than just government consideration to the taxes paid by citizens.

In second place, the imbalance of public accounts increases the public debt and impacts various economic indicators (as inflation, START, unemployment and interest rates), what, in turn, losses represent the population's quality of life. Lastly, or Legislature, which is the company's soundboard, You can not have its constitutional oversight functions and budget control usurped by the Executive. Democracy also requires the control of the company on the management of public money ".

long meeting
The beginning of the meeting was marked by the presentation of points of order and PT senators requirements and PcdoB to postpone the reading of the report by senators who favor Dilma Rousseff mandate. The group is constantly accused of trying to procrastinate the process by opponents of PT, that the commission are in the majority. Thereby, reading the report has not yet begun.

in step, before this, the admissibility of the case in the Senate, reading the report Anastasia lasted nearly three hours. This time, it is expected that completion takes further, since the document is, according to the rapporteur, more consistent.

According to the committee's calendar, during today's meeting will be made only to read the report. At end, It will automatically be given time to document views, that is, more time for it to be considered by senators before the content of the discussion, tomorrow from 11am.

On thursday (4), At the same time, the joint committee of senators will vote opinion Anastasia the continuation of the process. Whatever the outcome in committee, the final word on this second phase will be given on Tuesday (9) in another vote, the first chaired by the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski on the floor of the house.

Source: Agency Brazil

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