Cunha says impeachment process is legitimate and that Dilma is “liar”

In a statement Cunha says Dilma “follow lying contumazmente, aiming to continue the documentary character role.
30/08/2016 09h17 - Updated 30/08/2016 17h10
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Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ), released public statement on tonight (29) to rebut the charges of away President Rousseff said that, interrogation in the Senate, be it to blame for his impeachment "coup".

the note, Cunha says that "the president away following lying contumazmente, aiming to follow up the documentary character role solved exercise, when assured of his absence, underway by the trial in progress " – referring to the documentary about the impeachment process that has been filmed in the Senate.

In response to the president's claims that he had been the architect of a sabotage of the government over the last year, former mayor challenged Dilma to "show what was voted on guided bomb and what government project was not voted".

"In 2015, They were voted 28 provisional measures, six projects from government, including repatriation, and more than 30 International agreements, plus dozens of other propositions, which has 2015 the record year of project appraisal ", the statement said.

According to the former Speaker of the House, It is not true that Members have paralyzed the work in 2016, while the removal of Dilma was not approved in the Senate - another of the charges made today by President. "The delay of the resumption of the operation of commissions due to the solution of party changes called party window, anything having to do with the political crisis and, even so, nothing hurt performance in the House ", claims.

Eduardo Cunha said his act that accepted the request of impeachment has been questioned by Dilma in the Supreme Court, in misuse of powers claim, and considered valid, besides being co-validated by vote in the House and four votes in the Senate. And returns the Dilma charges that he had trying to blackmail her to get rid of an impeachment process in the House Ethics Council.

"The bargaining attempts so I did not open the impeachment process left the government of her and me were not accepted, I have stated on several occasions, denouncing with names and details such attempts. Rather it was blackmail ", the statement said.

To the House former president, Dilma uses "of the fascist technique that a lie is repeated until thoroughly come true" and returns to reject the thesis adopted by the President's supporters away from the ongoing process is a scam.

"O Federal Senate, in a trial with ample right of defense, He is confirming that the president committed responsibility away from crime. All acts performed by me are being confirmed to date and, apparently, It is being proven that decrees of the President were edited away without legislative authorization, which sets the responsibility of crime. The rest are excuses for documentaries history, including the costumes of the coup, that seems to fit more on her election in history than in the history of impeachment ", concludes.

Source: Agency Brazil

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