Parintins dancers will attend the official opening of the Olympic Games

Have been chosen 72 Guaranteed dancers and Capricious, who are in Rio since the day 11 July.
04/08/2016 07h32 - Updated 4/08/2016 13h14
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The folklore of the Amazon will be present at the official opening of the Olympic Games Rio 2016, on Friday (5), at 20h, the Maracana Stadium. Have been chosen 72 dancers in the city of Parintins, which is 369 kilometers from Manaus. They will compose a ceremony of the framework that will portray, for about five minutes, indigenous peoples.

The artists are part of the Bois Capricious and Guaranteed, every year, They are vying for the title of champion of the Parintins Folklore Festival. According Chico Cardoso, Team coordinator, the rivalry was put aside and they will be together in Rio de Janeiro, performing at the world's biggest sporting event.

"The only delegation or body opening cast, out of Rio de Janeiro, It is precisely the dancers of Parintins, divided into Guaranteed and Capricious, but together the ideal of participating in this great event. It was a great pleasure directors extend this invitation to Parintins, recognizing that the city is an exponent of Brazilian folklore ", said Chico Cardoso.

The invitation came from director of the opening ceremony Daniela Thomas, Andrucha Waddington and Fernando Meirelles. The choreography of the event is written by the dancer Deborah Colker. A team was in Parintins to select the dancers. There were three months of trial in the city of Amazonas, under the guidance of Parintins Erick Beltran choreographer. The ceremony details are being kept secret, but he advances rather than the audience will watch.

"We will represent the indigenous peoples, the first inhabitants of Brazil. Our framework is called Pindorama, which was the first name given by the Indians in Brazil. This has everything to do with the indigenous culture, with our culture, with our blood, Parintintins of Indians, of tupinambás who migrated from Rio de Janeiro to Parintins. So they [directors] They felt the need to bring these people Parintins to better incorporate the character here in Rio de Janeiro ", he explained.

The dancers are in Rio de Janeiro since the day 11 July, participating in the rehearsals of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. It is not the first time that municipal artists are invited to major events. In 2014, group a 16 dancers dance was part of the body of the Olympics closing in London, in England. "I think this was a door that opened to the directors of the event and the choreographer Deborah Colker would get there in Parintins the continuity of this great work that began in London", said Chico Cardoso.

Source: Agency Brazil

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