Public defenders work in joint efforts to reduce cases in Courts Maria da Penha, In Manaus

The task forces are part of the national campaign "Justice for Peace at home" that, not Amazonas, It is promoted by TJAM.
15/08/2016 14h26 - Updated 15/08/2016 14h26
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Public Defender of Amazonas (ECD-AM) strengthened the teams 22th and 23th Public Defender Forensic Criminal 1st Degree and has ten public defenders to work in education hearings joint efforts and judgment that take place between days 15 e 19 e 22 e 26 August the 1st and 2nd Courts Maria da Penha, located in the eastern and southern zones of Manaus, respectively. The opening of the activities took place on Monday, 15 of August, in the auditorium of the State Reference Center to Support Women Victims of Violence (Cream), in Educandos neighborhood, South zone of the capital.

The task forces are part of the national campaign "Justice for Peace at home" that, not Amazonas, It is promoted by the State Court (TJAM) in partnership with the Public Defender's Office, Amazonas State Prosecutor (MP-AM), Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB) and the Municipality of Manaus (CMM). The general public defender in exercise, Antonio Cavalcante de Albuquerque Junior, He highlighted the importance of joint efforts to reduce the backlog in the Courts Maria da Penha, and the DPE-AM of effort, even with the reduced number of the institution, highlighted ten public defenders to act in the defense and guidance in education hearings and trial.

The President of TJAM, Judge Flavio Pascarelli, He said the task forces rely on the performance of seven judges and the goal is to achieve 1.500 audiences during the campaign. he highlighted, However, that the performance of only two judges in the courts Maria da Penha and conducting joint efforts are not enough to give more effectiveness to the fulfillment of the law that supports women victims of domestic violence and family. Pascarelli said the TJAM studying the possibility of expanding the service with more judges or the opening of new Courts Maria da Penha.

currently, the two Courts Maria da Penha have 17.178 legal proceedings in progress, most personal injury cases, threat and injury. The TJAM plans to hold new task force in November this year.

The DPE-AM has three units that act me cases of domestic violence against women. The 23th Criminal Forensic Public Defender of 1st Degree meets the CREAM, which is on the street President Kennedy, 399, Cologne Oliveira Machado, area south of Manaus. The 22th Criminal Forensic Public Defender of 1st Degree is in the East City shopping, the avenue Autaz Mirim, 288, Tancredo Neves, area east of Manaus. Both work from 8h to 14h, from Monday to Friday.

The 1st Public Defender Specializing in Assisting Women Domestic Violence Victim meets Monday through Friday, from 8h to 14h, na Avenida Presidente Kenedy, 399, Educandos neighborhood, area south of Manaus. this unit, women also find legal support to address conflicts related to family area, as divorce, custody and alimony, and Public Records.

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