Tipoff of Leo Pinheiro quotes Toffoli, says magazine

Second Magazine, Executive reported that OAS engineers did a survey at the home of Toffoli.
21/08/2016 14h39 - Updated 22/08/2016 09h42
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The name of the minister Dias Toffoli, do Supremo Tribunal Federal, He was quoted in the negotiations of winning tipoff contractor Adelmário José Pinheiro Filho, Léo Pinheiro, da OAS. The information was published by Veja magazine and confirmed by the State. Second Magazine, Executive reported that OAS engineers did a survey at the home of Toffoli, in prime area of ​​Brasilia, after the minister complaining infiltration problems in the house.

after that, Toffoli have hired a company indicated by Leo Pinheiro to make the necessary reform. According to yet See, the businessman said that the work of waterproofing was funded by the STF minister himself. According to the publication, the defense of Leo Pinheiro proposes, in negotiating the agreement, a chapter only on the minister of the Supreme.

According to sources close to the investigation, OAS signed with Task Force Lava Jato a confidentiality agreement - considered the first formal step for whistleblowing. nevertheless, researchers say that collaboration is far from closed and is in the stage prior to the whistleblowers Odebrecht, for example.

In the case of citation Toffoli, the researchers also found no indication of crime. Until now, according to the magazine itself, there are moral questions about the proximity between the executive and the minister of the Supreme, which does not, necessarily, indicates criminal practices. As the story involving Toffoli was made in the negotiations of snitching, prosecutors should ask the next steps details about the mention of the minister.

the State, Toffoli reiterated the position given to See. He claims not to have any sort of intimate relationship with Leo Pinheiro and argues that defrayed, himself, the work done in your home.

With messages from the phone's seizure of Leo Pinheiro, and analyzed by the task force since 2015, already indicated possible close relationship between the executive and the minister. There were no, until now, direct talks between Toffoli and Pinheiro, but in dialogue with other employees, Leo Pinheiro talks about birthday treats the Minister of the Supreme. Second Magazine, there are indications in the mention of talks the minister's name involving commercial interests of the OAS.

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