Detainees try to burn cellular blocks in Christmas

Detainees used mattresses to try to achieve two blockers towers that were working in the prison since the day 2.
04/08/2016 10h36 - Updated 4/08/2016 10h36
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A group of prisoners tried to fire cellular jammers installed in the State of Parnamirim Penitentiary (PEP), in the metropolitan region of Natal (RN). According to the Department of Justice and Citizenship (Sejuc), the riot happened last night (3), It lasted about an hour and was contained by military and security officers.

Detainees used mattresses to try to achieve two blockers towers that were working in the prison since Tuesday (2). Sejuc reported that the system keeps running, but technicians will today to place the situation.

The signal jammers installation is the cause of a wave of attacks in Rio Grande do Norte since Friday (29), in the inner cities and the metropolitan region of the capital.

In the latest bulletin released by the state government were recorded 106 occurrences, between fires, Attempts fires, shots against public buildings and nearby, depredations and use of explosive devices and 32 vehicles, between buses and minibuses were torched.

The government reported that the prison Parnamirim was selected to work on different arrangements of prison management, therefore, will have priority in adopting controls and tighter restrictions.

Other signal jammers, which the government, They were purchased with own funds, They will be installed in prisons. The next to receive the equipment will be the Public Jail of New Cross, New Cross, and state penitentiaries Dr. Francisco Nogueira Fernandes (Licorice) and Rogerio Coutinho Madruga, both in Licorice.

The Rio Grande do Norte has 32 prisons and have about today 7,7 thousand inmates. According to Sejuc, there were riots in other prisons, but the units are on alert, and interventions, as cell searches and arrested, They were intensified.

Armed forces

Today, 1,2 thousand soldiers of the armed forces begin to act in the state, assisting the local police in security and combating attacks. Defense Minister, Raul Jungmann, and the chief minister of the Institutional Security Cabinet, Sergio Etchegoyen, are in Rio Grande do Norte to accompany the first day of work and contribute to the action plan of military troops.

Source: Agency Brazil

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