Dilma: "Revoke my mandate is to submit to a penalty of political death"

The PT candidate spoke for more than 40 the opening minutes of the fourth day of judgment and extolled the received power of women.
29/08/2016 10h53 - Updated 29/08/2016 13h55
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Thrilling up more than once during the speech to senators at the trial session of the impeachment process, Takeaway President Dilma Rousseff said today (29) who would ever give the mandate, even under strong pressure made by his political opponents.

"I never would because I have unswerving commitment to the rule of law. I confess to treason and verbal attacks made me afraid and, in some moments, really hurt me, but they were always overcome by the solidarity of millions of Brazilians in the streets ", he said.

Dilma spoke for more than 40 the opening minutes of the fourth day of judgment and extolled the received power of women. "Our people squandered creativity and willingness to fight against the coup. Women covered me flowers and I protected with solidarity ", said.

The PT said that respect any position, thanked the efforts of its allies in the Senate and directed an appeal to undecided. "Cassar my mandate is to submit to a death sentence policy", he said, Remembering that, more than once, He faced facing death, as in the period when faced cancer. "Today, I only fear the death of democracy in which many of us here fought. No Nurse rancor those who will vote for my dismissal ", he said.

At the end of the speech of the PT, despite calls from the President of the Supreme Court (STF), Ricardo Lewandowski, Rousseff was widely applauded by his supporters who follow the session in the galleries within the Senate floor. It was necessary to suspend the trial for a few minutes before order was restored.

In his speech, Rousseff said the decrees [additional credits] in the economic area did not affect the fiscal target, They were issued in accordance with the rules and "only offered alternatives to the use of resources". according to her, differently than political opponents claim to give the decrees current fiscal problems of the country, they ignore the sharp drop in revenue and resource contingency done 2015, "The biggest contingency of our history".

Dilma repeated allegations made in his name throughout the process, stating that the guidance given by the Federal Audit Court (TCU) on the issue of these decrees was amended in October 2015, months after being published.

"The decrees were published in July and August 2015 and only in October TCU approved new interpretation. They want to condemn me to sign decrees that met the demands of the population and the judiciary itself? Decrees which together did not result in any penny spent more than compromise the fiscal target ", he said.

In the final part of the speech, Rousseff appealed to senators. “Do not accept a coup that, instead of solving, aggravate the Brazilian crisis”, said.

“I ask you to do justice to an honest president, who never committed any illegal act. vote, without resentment, what each senator feels for me and what we feel for each other is less important right now than what we all feel the country and the Brazilian people”, he said. “I ask you to vote against the impeachment and democracy”, concluded.

To rebut allegations about delays in the transfer of funds to public banks responsible for the payment of social benefit programs such as Harvest Plan, Rousseff said the law gives the Ministry of Finance the authority of this policy. according to her, again TCU issued a further guidance to his act.

Source: Agency Brazil

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